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Following the Footsteps of Time, ‘UNEARTH’ natural beauty. Chow Tai Fook Presents a Journey to the Origin of Natural Diamonds in Africa

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Following the Footsteps of Time, ‘UNEARTH’ natural beauty. Chow Tai Fook Presents a Journey to the Origin of Natural Diamonds in Africa

November 28
03:57 2023

Between October and November 2023, Chow Tai Fook, China’s preeminent jewelry brand, executed a series of five ‘Unearth’ live in Botswana, Africa, delving into the origin of natural diamonds. As trailblazers in the quest for natural diamonds, Chow Tai Fook tapped into the very essence of the African terrain, enriching the industry with its discoveries. The brand led consumers on an enlightening quest to trace the origin of these natural treasures, following the trail of natural diamonds, a testament to the marvels of our planet’s geological history.

As the first brand to unveil the incredible processes of covering the rare, precious gems overseas via live streaming. Adopting a visualized and concrete marketing approach, Chow Tai Fook engages consumers in the elaborate procedures ranging from natural diamond mining, sorting, planning and marking, laser sawing, bruting, conning, polishing, and grading, with a view to broadening its brand influence.

Trace the exciting journey of natural diamonds in Africa, Engaging Consumers with Brand Strength and Sincerity

On a recent expedition to Botswana, Africa, Chow Tai Fook meticulously documented the physical journey of natural diamonds: from the mining and sorting of the rough diamonds to the intricate art of cutting, polishing, and ultimately grading the diamonds. This venture extends an invitation to connoisseurs and patrons, beckoning them to journey through the lustrous history of diamonds that began below the Earth’s surface over a billion years ago. Taking a first-person approach, Chow Tai Fook engaged audiences in a profound dialogue with African landscapes and its cultural tapestry. By exploring the very heart of the mines and traversing the Okavango Delta, the brand provided a tangible sense of its positive impact on ecological conservation and local business.

In this journey to trace the origin of natural diamonds in Botswana, Africa, the production team embarked on a flight journey spanning tens of thousands of kilometers and lasting over twenty days. Despite the formidable challenges of broadcasting live from overseas, they embarked on this mission with dedication, offering an intimate glimpse of diamonds. Captured through the high-definition lenses of the production crew, the journey of tracing natural diamonds in Africa unfolded like a vivid tapestry. Capturing in a first-person perspective, these images revealed the pure, untouched beauty of natural diamonds, showcasing their pristine essence as never before seen.

During the lives, Chow Tai Fook offered an unprecedented “all-encompassing” and “multi-faceted” showcase of the Jwaneng mine. For the first time, consumers were led on a virtual tour of the De Beers Global Sightholder Sales facility in Gaborone to witness the meticulous selection process of each exceptional rough diamond. Additionally, the GIA laboratory’s rigorous grading practices were revealed for the first time during the live event. With a commitment to transparency and responsible sourcing, Chow Tai Fook’s first-person perspective effectively communicated the brand’s dedication to quality and traceability in their natural diamonds. It also satisfied consumer curiosity and thirst for knowledge, thereby strengthening a trust-based relationship with their clientele.

Insight from an Industry Vanguard: The Value and Future of Strategic Brand Collaboration

Since Chow Tai Fook inaugurated its natural diamond cutting factory in Johannesburg, South Africa, and acquired a De Beers-licensed dealership, the partnership between the two groups in the field of natural diamonds has spanned an impressive fifty years.

In 1973, Cheng Yu-Tung acquired a De Beers-licensed company, and in 1993, Chow Tai Fook became a Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sightholder of the De Beers Group. This enduring and stable partnership not only reflects a shared understanding of the natural diamond industry but also highlights both companies’ firm commitment to advancing sustainable development within the global diamond industry.

During this exploratory trip, the production team had the privilege of engaging in profound dialogue with Paul Rowley, Executive Vice President of De Beers Group. Rowley shared his insights on natural diamonds and the longstanding, half-century partnership with Chow Tai Fook: “Just like diamond is a partnership built around relationships, it’s a partnership built around the same values. We are very committed to ethical sourcing. We are very committed to ensuring on the diamond journey. Every person, every community that it touches, it makes a real difference to that community, to those people. And it really ensures that we are maximizing what a diamond really means — the relationship between two people are very much in love.”

Looking to the future, the two groups are set to further strengthen their collaboration, advancing toward more ambitious objectives united by a common dedication to sustainable development.

(left side of the image:Paul Rowley, Executive Vice President of De Beers Group)

In the pursuit of natural marvels, the birth of a diamond with a soul is revealed

Since their discovery, natural diamonds have been revered for their radiant luster and unique geometry, establishing them as icons among gemstones. Their historical significance and intrinsic value transcend their stunning aesthetics, with the individual characteristics of each stone enhancing their rarity and allure. Nonetheless, the rise of technological advancements has brought lab-grown diamonds to the fore, challenging the exclusivity and irreplaceability of natural diamonds. To elucidate the distinctions between these two diamond types, an industry expert—Tom Moses, Executive Vice President and Chief Research and Laboratory Officer at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)—provided insight into the singularity and industrial significance of natural diamonds during an interview in this trip.

“So the typically the heat and pressure and they’re using agents to accelerate that (Lab-grown diamonds) growth. And that’s one of the key differences that growth characteristic or structure of laboratory grown diamonds is distinctly different from that of natural diamonds, so it’s one of the properties that we as GIA used to readily separate the two.” explained Moses, highlighting the significant physical distinctions. Another notable difference is rarity; natural diamonds, as an increasingly scarce resource, are dwindling in production each year, while the production of lab-grown diamonds is expected to rise significantly in the future. Moses remarked,

“So when you talk about value, typically rarity is associated with value and something that is routinely produced is of course a lot less valuable and because it isn’t rare.” Consequently, each natural diamond, sourced from deep within the earth and carrying its unique texture from the moment of extraction, is imbued with humanistic resonance and brand significance throughout its formation. This brings the fiery essence of the earth’s core to the tips of your fingers

(left side of the image:Tom Moses, Executive Vice President and Chief Research and Laboratory Officer at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA),

right side of the image:Bao Jianhao, Vice General Manager of CTF E-commerce)

Delving deeply into the natural diamond industry, enduring dedication and professionalism

As one of the world’s top jewllers, Chow Tai Fook has meticulously cultivated its expertise in natural diamonds, adhering to a business model of vertical integration to continuously refine its operations. From the procurement of rough diamonds to the cutting and polishing, through to production and development, design, manufacturing, maintenance and logistics, the brand maintains enduring partnerships across the industry. By integrating the supply chain from upstream to downstream, Chow Tai Fook ensures stringent control and precision throughout the entire process. The brand is committed to transparency in the journey of natural diamonds and their products, fostering public confidence through integrity and exceptional craftsmanship.

Chow Tai Fook’s expertise in the natural diamond industry is not only evident vertical integration of the value chain but also in its exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality products. Chow Tai Fook, a diamond expert, boasts an advanced polishing and manufacturing facility outfitted with hundreds of fully automated machines and cutting-edge laser cutting technology for diamonds. Additionally, Chow Tai Fook has established a state-of-the-art automated polishing facility that leverages technology-driven automated cutting and robotic arms to render Triple X diamonds. The brand’s decades of artisanal perseverance in the natural diamond industry are not an overnight achievement; it stems from a deep-seated passion for natural diamonds and the jewelry sector. Throughout its history, Chow Tai Fook has believed that only through dedication and focus can they provide consumers with dazzling products and the finest services.

Chow Tai Fook’s Patented T MARK Technology Makes Every Diamond Traceable

T MARK is a traceable promise of natural diamonds, representing a significant innovation in the natural diamond industry. Using patented nano-inscription technology, “T” mark and a set of very tiny serial numbers are inscribed on each natural diamond, allowing for the tracing of its journey from procurement to the final dazzling jewelry piece, and satisfying consumers’ higher expectations for the authenticity and traceability of a diamond. Moreover, T MARK has revolutionized the natural diamond industry: by ensuring transparency and traceability of diamond sources, it protects consumer rights and enhance their trust, setting new benchmarks for the industry. In the future, Chow Tai Fook will continue to promote long-term innovation in the business, introducing more industry-leading technologies and products, creating more surprises for consumers.

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