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Alibaba Builds Holographic Commodity Center, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) Builds AR E-Commerce System

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Alibaba Builds Holographic Commodity Center, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) Builds AR E-Commerce System

April 30
02:24 2020


Alibaba AR holographic laboratory GM Lab (Gnome Magic Lab) research and development of virtual reality shopping Buy + open to the public for the first time, as the leaders in the field of electricity, the outside world for its foray into virtual reality is full of curiosity, the first section Taobao creation success attracted the attention of users, under the continuous hot weather, the three-day exhibition attracted 30000 viewers, this greatly prompted with domestic holographic giant Alibaba to jointly create a holographic commodity center, only high simulation of real experience, can occupy the market finally.


According to Alibaba, at the Taobao creation festival, Taobao set up a 300-square-meter “future shopping block” by the west lake, where consumers can experience the “real world” superimposed by “machine algorithms” and live a “sci-fi life”.

Many e-commerce giants started to develop AR holographic shopping almost at the same time, including large enterprises such as EBAY, ikea and Alibaba. Have you ever thought about the day when you could be at home, turn on the TV or turn on your phone and be at the mall right away? You can choose whatever you like, but you can try it all out and decide whether to buy it or not. In fact, AR holographic shopping environment is nothing new. Before that, Taobao launched a new shopping method called Buy +, which used AR holographic technology to generate interactive 3d shopping environment. At present, the means to realize AR shopping technology is mainly the primary display of AR, which combines the real scene with the 3d model and renders it in real time. I believe that we can also go shopping at home in the near future!

Holographic projection is still a relatively strange word, but it has been widely used in life. The use of the fashion show seems to bring the audience to another world, giving people a magnificent wonderful picture, let the audience deeply experience a real and virtual double world, also in the use of the stage to show the audience the perfect combination of art and multimedia. Holographic projection also plays an important role in the service and sales industry, and can greatly attract the attention of consumers. Brand – new visual experience arouses the consumer’s desire to consume.

Alibaba dabbled in convenience stores with retail channel, supermarkets with box horse and, department stores with holographic technology, and local life with word of mouth. In the whole offline retail format, only mall mall has not been tried. Therefore, the holographic commodity center built by Alibaba with black technology is only a beginning. Recently, the holographic enterprises in China released a new AR holographic scene application. As the most abundant holographic application in China, ali and WIMI happened to see eye to eye on the strategy, which can fully start a strategic cooperation consideration and inject new impetus into the shopping field.

The intensity of competition in shopping centres is self-evident. In order to survive and even develop in the fierce competition, shopping centers should not only be supported by strong financial strength, but also enhance their own strength by virtue of O2O wave in the era of mobile Internet.

For the exhibition industry, the purpose of the exhibition is to show the product in an all-round way in front of the audience, how to attract the attention of customers is also a problem considered by each business, in view of this problem, the 360 degree holographic system, the audience can see all the details of the product. According to the need can also produce 270 holographic system, more perfect product display. The holographic imaging system will make the 3d animation for the product suspended in the air of the real scene, creating an atmosphere of unreal and real, full of sense of science and technology, let the audience more profound image of the product.

Traditional mall operators often provide brands with a built shopping mall shell, which they simply need to move in. Shopping center operators and brands do not have too much intersection in the information above, the most is the cashier system and part of the internal management system. They tend to do their own things online, shopping malls are just starting out in this area, and brands’ e-commerce is often separated from their offline stores. In the O2O era of online and offline integration, shopping center operators should not only provide a physical shopping center body (offline platform), but also provide online platform (virtual real estate agent) simultaneously, so that brands can enter the offline platform and enter the online platform at the same time.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) is the world’s leading high-tech holographic technology and content production company. It presents the world’s exclusive holographic IP and original cultural content through holographic virtual technology, and creates a panoramic holographic commodity center to create a 360-degree “super-immersive” virtual reality shopping experience for consumers.

The business areas of WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) cover film and television, performing arts, sports, tourism, business center, fashion and luxury, quality education. It can be said that the way of holography + cultural content to enter the market is to bring a subversive change for the whole entertainment industry, open up a new blue sea, but also for the relevant industries to find an incremental market, and seek the good situation of multi-win development.

Taking holographic AR application as an example, the holographic commodity center created by WIMI is a holographic commodity center mall cloned on the Internet with a physical shopping center as a template. Any brand that enters the mall can clone the same online store on the holographic merchandise center. At the same time, the holographic commodity center mall needs to be able to solve the online and offline data synchronization problem.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) provides you with a powerful end-to-end AR platform specifically designed to increase online sales. Invest, transform and drive your bottom line. Vision for the future of shopping, use 3D augmented reality to create exciting and compelling shopping experiences, drive customer interactions, and improve conversion rates and sales. WIMI’ AR solution is browserable and can be used in any regular browser without downloading any special software or applications.


Holographic AR shopping, can say goodbye to boring plane photos, say hello to more sales staff. With 3D/AR, your customers can view and experience your products from all angles before purchasing. By zooming in on your product, they can check the smallest details and product features. So why choose photos when you can use 3D/AR better?

The holographic merchandise center should be a flexible platform, like an open platform, that provides interfaces and infrastructure. Powerful brands use the platform interface to develop their online stores according to their own needs. Brand owners with weak IT technology can directly use the basic system and template of the platform to develop online stores.

So when most of the brands in the shopping center have entered the holographic mall, then for consumers, they can visit the shopping center at home, on the way to and from work, anytime and anywhere. In the shopping mall of holographic commodity center, consumers can get more comprehensive and timely information, which makes up for the defects of information dissemination in the physical shopping center.

We can imagine that one day you can use the holographic cloud platform of WIMI to transfer the physical goods to your holographic device through the holographic cloud platform without leaving your home. As long as you open the holographic device, you value a certain commodity for matching and purchasing. It won’t be long before physical goods are delivered from the store to where you are.

In the beginning, the future shopping center should build its online platform to provide information and open platform for merchants to enter the entity + holographic commodity center at the same time. Personally, I think ali is probably the most suitable one to do this. Let Amoy brands open offline stores, so they are familiar with online stores, and going offline is what ali is doing now.

In a word, for consumers, it is the key to truly achieve a satisfying shopping experience. In order to take a bigger share of the market in holographic shopping experience, ali needs to carry out in-depth cooperation in vertical segmentation to provide better services for users and finally win the recognition of the market.

Many tech companies specialize in providing a more intimate experience, a super-real life experience, in order to give users a real sense of what’s going on in the virtual world. This experience will only become more apparent over time as holograms become more sophisticated and realistic. With the development and progress of science and technology, more and more scene applications will be carried out with the development of AR holography. In the future, there will be more possibilities for applications, which will change our current life experience and shopping experience.

There will also be more cooperation from technology giants to accelerate this process.

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