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An Influencer has turned an idea into an international digital platform

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An Influencer has turned an idea into an international digital platform

April 24
14:20 2020
The digital platform is flooding with digital creators as it is the best way to reach to the people with your skill. The platform has become competitive yet fruitful those who have got the talent and skill. In order to remain on the platform you need to make yourself visible and for that there is an agency that works globally. Here is an idea regarding what kind of help you may get.

April 23, 2020 – Wimage agency started it journey in 2017; it was created by a digital creator called Francesca Reviglio. Even though located in Italy, they work with digital creators from all around the world. In order to learn about us and our work you can visit our site: 

Since the digital medium has gained a significant place in people’s lives we shifted our focus to it. The digital medium is not only a platform that is being used as a source of entertainment to the people but a major source of earning money as well. It is a platform from which people earn knowledge besides being entertained by the content and the people who are creating meaningful content can earn money. The people who are creating content are called digital creator; they upload their work on the digital medium for people. 

The digital creators of different area like – travel, fashion, make-up and beauty, art and craft, food create content for digital medium. Now, you need to understand the digital platform is huge like its reach. And the platform is divided into different section like social media, digital video platform, blog writing, etc. In order to be present on the social media and other digital platform a digital creator needs help. There is an agency that helps the digital creator to reach to large number of people. How they help people is discussed below to get an insight about their work. 

If an agency like created by an influencer then it will become worthy to the other new digital creators. An influencer knows how important it is to design a website, and curate a content to upload it on the digital medium. This is the reason if you are a digital creator you need to visit the agency created by Francesca Reviglio. The agency assists you to create separate content for different social media. They will help to do branding as branding makes a company familiar on the digital media. Branding is essential to establish a reputation in the market. It will attract other big brands like makeup, clothing, skincare, shoe, etc. 

Collaborating with other brands will earn money and increase their channel and influence them to create innovative content. The agency will help to design your website and also do ambush marketing on your behalf to strengthen your presence. They are dedicated to make your presence unique and this is the reason the agency will customize your site. The agency is coming up with an online magazine called Wimage magazine. The magazine will give the digital creators an insight about how to get success on digital platform.

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Company Name: Wimage Agency
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Phone: +39 3492792338
City: Turin
Country: Italy

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