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Cap.TaiM Founder Publishes Leading Edge Second Edition of Marketing and Analytics Book for Businesses

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Cap.TaiM Founder Publishes Leading Edge Second Edition of Marketing and Analytics Book for Businesses

April 24
13:59 2020

QC, Canada – Tarek Riman, founder of the digital marketing agency Cap.Taim, has just released a second edition of his popular digital marketing guide for businesses, The Secret to Capitalizing on Analytics.

Touted as a complete web analytics book for beginners, as well as an ideal reference book for seasoned professionals, The Secret to Capitalizing on Analytics takes the reader from the very basics of what analytics is and why it matters for businesses of all sizes and industries, to exactly how to set up, utilize and ultimately capitalize on this dynamic technology for business success. This second edition offers updates and additions to the previous version while also offering more insight into how analytics help businesses develop strong marketing strategies.

“The thing about analytics technology is that it is continually evolving,” says Riman. “As the technology evolves, it’s important to continually evolve our understanding so that we can stay cutting edge in our industries and take full advantage of the tools available to us. Releasing this second edition is in response to that evolution.”

The main role of analytics is to provide data on how well a website is performing in terms of attracting visitors, engaging them and driving conversions, so that businesses can make knowledge-based decisions and design data-driven strategies to improve business results.

“Analytics technology is this great equalizer for businesses. It’s so low cost and accessible, putting all this powerful data into the hands of anyone from an entrepreneur working a side gig, to a huge Fortune 100,” Riman says. “But, this opportunity is often missed because people believe it’s too complicated to set up and learn, or they figure it’s something they’ll do later when they’re bigger or when their numbers go down. Analytics shows you how to get bigger and helps you better anticipate when your numbers might go down and what to do about it. On top of that, it is not that difficult to learn and setting it can easily be done on your own, or with minimal help.”

After years of working with businesses of all sizes, Riman wrote this book to help make analytics technology even more accessible. In the book, readers learn set-up processes, common uses of analytics, marketing strategies, and data information and customization methods. Readers also learn how knowing the behavior and demographics of website visitors empowers businesses to design successful strategies, and how to extract and interpret that information using analytics.

As the founder of Cap.TaiM, a full-service digital marketing agency, as well as a renowned speaker and university professor, Tarek Riman has an extensive background in business and marketing, and is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest trends, as well as educating others about how they can utilize the latest technology to grow their businesses and build strong brand identities. His aim is not just to teach, but to arm individuals and businesses of all sizes with the tools and know-how to “run their own show”, as he says, as well as the drive to continually learn, experiment and grow their skills.

This latest version of Riman’s book is an extension of that aim, published with the intention to help all types of businesses and individuals – including entrepreneurs, small businesses, students, seasoned professionals and more – develop their understanding of analytics and data usage, as well as the confidence to dive in and start taking advantage of what is available to them. In addition to the book, Riman also runs in-person workshops through Cap.Taim in which workshop leaders illustrate how knowledge of analytics is turned into practice, and allow attendees to get hands-on experience.

Those interested in learning more about analytics and the latest edition of The Secret to Capitalizing on Analytics are encouraged to reach out to Tarek Riman directly via email, phone or through the official website.

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