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The Human Digital Interface In Post Coronavirus Days

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The Human Digital Interface In Post Coronavirus Days

April 22
09:27 2020

The Covid-19 crisis has jolted us out of complacency in how we view the world around us. This period of enforced ennui once it ends will usher in major changes in how we live and do business, as the pandemic is sure to leave us with a new set of time-consuming compliances that we have to adhere to as individuals, as families, as employees and as a society.

As we try to navigate through these new challenges, the need to give up existing high risk, repetitive grunt jobs for automation becomes compelling across every dimension of our lives. Will Covid-19 result in the acceleration of automation and will automation become part of our daily life?

While presenting his research on how digital technologies transform society Arun Sundararajan, a professor at NYU Stern School of business had said “Crisis can be sort of a catalyst or can speed up changes that are on the way — it almost can serve as an accelerant,” We realise how prescient his words had been when we look at how big businesses have responded to today’s crisis. Social media biggie YouTube had posted a blog about  the measures they have taken as part of their pandemic management strategy. “As a result of the new measures we’re taking, we will temporarily start relying more on technology to help with some of the work normally done by reviewers. This means automated systems will start removing some content without human review, so we can continue to act quickly to remove unwanted content and protect our ecosystem, while we have workplace protections in place”.  If we take the route these successful trailblazers have taken, then yes automation could be the solution that businesses today need to look at, to build their immunity against disasters and the attendant disruptions.

According to Sundar Raman – Co-Founder and CTO of Perpetuuiti, the market leader in business continuity, disaster recovery and enterprise-grade automation, “This lockdown is more of a Tech Automation Bardo, a kind of a cooling period before we, as humans, move into a higher level”. He is upbeat about the future of automation. He has all the reasons to be, since Perpetuuiti has a globally patented invention which relates to the field of Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) on IT infrastructures. Sundar further explains, “The real-time BIA and DR Automation are essential and integral parts of Business Continuity Management Plan. Without these two essential components, the implementation and maintenance of a viable BCM Plan is not possible.” He also advises enterprises that “preparations must be far-reaching for the potential impacts of outbreaks like Covid-19 on People, Process and Technology”.

Perpetuuiti, was founded in 2011 with a far-sighted vision of providing comprehensive solutions that help businesses plan their disaster recovery and continuity measures and execute them through automation. And that is not an easy promise to deliver, admits Sundar. “To change an organization designed for a structured, process-oriented world to one designed for adaptation, learning and experimentation is very difficult. Some organizations will navigate that change, and others that can’t change will become outdated and be replaced.” Constantly striving to address this difficult challenge of helping organizations adapt to the evolving world around them through innovative solutions is what has made Perpetuuiti the market leader in BCP and DR space, and the trusted automation partner of major Fortune 500 companies and government enterprises across the globe.

In a post Covid-19 business world, Perpetuuiti’s creative solutions for disaster recovery and business continuity have become more pertinent. For instance, a business impact analysis in real-time would be the first step towards reconstruction after a crisis like Covid-19. Perpettuuiti’s Impact Calculator can calculate an impact on any suitable business factor such as customer service, noncompliance with government regulations, loss of revenue, loss of business, increased operating costs, loss of goodwill, loss of stakeholder confidence, and any combination thereof.

One major challenge that a disaster brings with it is the disruption to the conduct of business.  Now with Continuity Patrol™, any organization can seamlessly automate their critical datacenter operations and remain business resilient against disasters. Continuity Patrol™, an Intelligent Service Availability Management Suite is Perpetuuiti’s flagship solution that enables Real-Time Enterprise Visibility in a single-click for Business Service Availability Assurance, Orchestration and Automation.

Enterprises also face another daunting challenge of executing their BCM process on an organization-wide level. Executing BCM process across organization to whether a pandemic or adapting to what may become an indigenous risk to ongoing operations requires complex planning and execution to ensure business continuity. BCM Wallet™, a handy mobile application from Perpetuuiti manages, monitors and executes Business Continuity in a quicker and easier way to help maintain continuity of operations during a crisis. Sundar states, “As we face our latest pandemic threat, the need to have a well-defined and tested BCM plan in place cannot be overemphasized. Pandemic plan needs to be adapted and tailored to cope with the unique challenges posed by the current and future pandemics”. Organizations can rely on Continuity vault™ to develop, implement and maintain a viable continuity plan to protect their people, maintain operations and sustain the organization during the pandemic and beyond. Continuity Vault™ is another gem from Perpetuuiti’s basket of innovative offerings that enables a comprehensive platform for BCMP that integrates People, Process & Technology.

Professionals will also enlist the services of Digital Assistants and Digital Employee like “Aida™” from Perpetuuiti’s Av3ar™ AIOps Platform to do the routine yet vital aspects of day-to-day work. Sundar advises, “We should enable a hybrid workforce made up of digital and human employees collaborating to execute processes and transactions that can provide a high level of business continuity, and reduce the risks of lost business and revenue, especially when people are ill or unable to work from home at all”. Av3ar™ is a unique AIOps Platform from Perpetuuiti that enables intelligent enterprise-grade automation. It is embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing (CC) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to sense, predict, analyze and solve customer issues.

So, automation is surely the resounding and reassuring answer that the post Covid-19 business world is looking for. The promise that automation holds in enhancing the quality of jobs easily eclipses the needless apprehensions about job loss and Perpetuuiti Solutions positioned perfectly at the intersection of Technology and Creativity is poised to deliver the best that automation can bring.

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