Gurgaon Samachar, ‘the world’s most successful influencer agency’ conquers Hollywood

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April 20
19:53 2020

The founder of the website, which connects influencers with well-known brands has revealed the inner workings of ‘the world’s most successful influencer agency’.

The founder of, that connects influencers with well-known brands reveals the inner world of “the world’s most successful influencer agency” as there are new Hollywood projects scheduled for 2020. Despite the Corona crisis, the film projects continue. Netflix, Amazon Prime and recently Disney + continue to deliver exciting content to their audiences.

Influencer agencies like play an important role in finding the right faces for the film. Influencers earn good money through their advertising on Instagram but there is a better chance to get a more promising career in show business.

Viral Influencers claims over a hundred influencers would apply to join every day — breaking down into around 30 actors, 20 singers, and 50 Instagram models.
Their company supplies a range of services from booking an artist for a festival to advertise through influencers on social media.

The owner, who currently lives in New York, knows who is who in Hollywood and sees his agency as a talent factory for the Hollywood stars of tomorrow.

He states: “Many young talents have the potential for a career in acting or music. Unfortunately, many do not know how to approach it properly. The secret is to get the right connections. You have to be networked. Many acting jobs are not available in open castings. Like good real estate, the role is usually gone before you even know about it. For this year we are still looking for many new faces for larger advertising campaigns and film projects. But also several music albums are in the pipeline’. 

He further adds, “Especially the successes like Money Heist and Elite on Netflix have shown how quickly a series can turn a young artist into a star overnight.

There are over one million influencers worldwide. In the past, 200,000 followers were sufficient to earn good money, but today you have to have at least one million followers. Working with an influencer agency helps the artist not only to get more commissions but also to earn fame in the showbiz. To maintain his level of awareness in the long run, you need covers in magazines, interviews, advertising campaigns for big brands and in the best case TV or film appearances.”

“The important thing is to stand for something whether you’re a fitness influencer, lifestyle influencer or beauty influencer. But to mix everything has the following disadvantage. The customer is no longer aware of the target group of the influencer and therefore does not want to advertise with him. It is also important to offer the brand a good price. There is no point in making a one-off amount of money if you scare away a brand in the long run. It applies. The customer is the king. If he feels comfortable he will book again with the influencer.”

“The jump from an influencer to a star then happens through marketing on your behalf. We have already succeeded in establishing new faces as international stars. But it should be clear that this means a lot of work. For both sides. The agency and the artist.

“We are glad to have the chance to help artists working in well-known film projects through our cooperation with many big film productions. Despite the Corona crisis we are working on several big-budget productions in the background.”

For Hollywood as well as for popular streaming platforms. Let us surprise you.

To gain access to the site’s exclusive influencer’s club, applicants needed an active social media appearance. After filling out the casting form on the website, the agency checks whether, according to the marketing experts, the level of awareness is sufficient or whether the potential to promote the artist’s talent is recognized.

On the website of, you can find small, so-called micro-influencers listed but also the biggest stars from sports and the world of movies.

“To book a star is not always the right solution. It always depends on what you want. A star gives your brand the best image.” But his fans come from all over the world and usually have very different interests. “Suppose you want to sell a sports bra. Then, of course, a fitness influencer would be the best fit for you.”

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