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Huawei Competes For 5g Holographic Communication Track, Samsung, WIMI AR + Ai Patent Layout

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Huawei Competes For 5g Holographic Communication Track, Samsung, WIMI AR + Ai Patent Layout

April 17
00:33 2020


China’s telecom operators are committed to building the next generation of 5G networks, a status quo that has helped Huawei gradually increase its smartphone shipments. The trend will enable the Chinese telecom giant to overtake Samsung as the world’s top smartphone maker in the near future, according to industry sources.

5G communications bulls scramble for the top spot

At present, the 5G technology has not been formally commercialized, the related companies’ patent license fees are already published. The Swiss telecom giant was the first to offer 5G patent license fees, and it was also the first company in the communications sector to disclose 5G patent license fees. Qualcomm also announced a high qualcomm tax in the second half of last year.

Xu zhijun, rotating chairman of Huawei, said in his speech at 2018 MWC Shanghai that Huawei is willing to continue to recommend and share more innovative technologies to industrial chain partners in standardization activities, never blackmail any other company or society, and jointly build a healthy 5G ecological environment in open and equal cooperation. No extortion from any other company or society here means that Huawei will strictly abide by the FRAND principle and reduce the licensing fees of 5G patents as much as possible. At the same time, it has been advocating and promoting other rights holders working on the implementation of 5G technology to make the patent accumulation rate lower and more transparent than 4G.

The 5G era has spawned more applications for AR/VR, driverless and telemedicine, and the interconnection of everything. From the interaction between people, to the communication between things, the realization of telecom-level honeycomb things, or will lead to a new transformation of human society. Conceivably, 5G holographic video calls will be as ubiquitous in homes as mobile phone calls are today.

Since Facebook bought Oculus, then the biggest company, for $2 billion two years ago, AR holography has become a global phenomenon. According to the latest IDC market size report, the current hot VR and AR holographic technology will be further developed in the future. The market size will grow from $5.2 billion in 2016 to $162 billion in 2020, representing an annual growth rate of 181.3%. The report also cites the then-hot pokemon go game as an example. In just two months, the popular AR game had generated $250 million in revenue and topped $1 billion by the end of the year. Also because of this, domestic and foreign enterprises are looking at AR, holographic technology, the future market cake, a time at home and abroad market smoke, a future market battle is also staged. However, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI), the domestic holographic cloud software content development, cloud platform construction and industrial chain investment and integration platform, has risen to prominence, and its holographic cloud related patents and content IP research and development speed is amazing, has made remarkable achievements, known as the AR holographic Huawei.

5G communication links to holographic giants

During the 2018 mobile world congress (MWC) in Shanghai, China mobile jointly launched the “5G SA (independent networking) initiative” with global partners including datang telecom, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel and nokia, and successfully connected the world’s first 5G independent networking end-to-end system holographic video call.

The release of 5G holographic video calls marks a breakthrough in 5G independent networking technology, and the development of 5G industry will be fully accelerated. Through dynamic 3d reconstruction of real people and 5G network transmission, it enables participating users to experience the real presence of “far away and close at hand”.

In the early years, we didn’t think much of the holographic experience on mobile devices. But a new patent recently filed by Samsung also describes a device that recreates holograms and how to do so, suggesting the company may be seriously considering bringing it to market. From the illustrations, the technology is able to create a hologram that floats above the handheld device, like a magic show. But to do so requires a rather expensive set of hardware.


The solution Samsung is seeking circumvents the limitations of the only SLM solution currently available, at least in the consumer market. The resolution of the hologram displayed in the current scheme depends on the “pixel spacing” (that is, the pixel density on the screen).

Samsung’s new solution is called “optical addressing SM”. It is not affected by the pixel spacing and generates the final holographic pattern by optical fiber recording and regeneration calculation.

As LetsGoDigital notes, over the past year or so, Samsung has seen different iterations in its patent filings with the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) and the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO).

In 5G holographic video calls, human communication is no longer limited to the two ends of the screen, but can truly achieve three-dimensional real-time interaction. Using the AR holographic device, the two sides of the conversation are immediately in the same room. They can change their distance and Angle of view at will, see the gestures and body language of the other side, and even see the precise details of the other side’s skin.

The successful implementation of this underlying technical solution is the WIMI, which focuses on light field acquisition, reconstruction, rendering, and intelligent computing vision. In the strategic layout of WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI), mobile Internet is the basis of holographic cloud business model, and the development of mobile Internet distribution, advertising and micro-payment is the strategic basis. The core of the interest output of holographic cloud industry lies in the development of related IP, including holographic intellectual property rights of famous movie and TV stars and holographic intellectual property rights of famous animation brands. IP has proven to be the most commercially valuable link in the world and a core strategic asset. Strategic investment integration is to maintain the industry competitiveness, dominance, efficient industry resources integration ability.

Not just abroad, but at home. In addition to alibaba, tencent, baidu and other giant enterprises have said to enter the AR holographic field, more small and medium-sized enterprises have also entered the AR holographic market, want to participate in the future of the emerging market. However, most of the domestic AR holographic technology has not reached the international level, the content, hardware, technology in all aspects are not mature, many are publicity stunts, can not take out any real dry goods.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) said it would further expand market share, Huawei is willing to in standardization activities, continue to recommend to industry chain partners, sharing more innovation technology, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) rates are also more hope to use their own strong holographic patent technology, using 5 g era upsurge, grab this wave of market share, let more people feel the beauty from micro cloud coupon holographic technology storm cloud.

At present, the world’s major communication manufacturers are working together to promote the formation of the next generation of communication technology standards, and it is expected that the formal commercial use of 5G will be around 2020. With Ericsson, qualcomm, Huawei announced 5G patent charging standards, believe that nokia, Samsung 5G charging standards will not be too far away.

At the same time, Huawei has also established strategic alliances with companies such as China mobile and aliyun to focus on the development of artificial intelligence technology and intelligent networks, a strategy that has also helped drive sales of Huawei’s 5G smartphones. Now that Huawei has made such achievements, its degree of emphasis on patents is the same as that of Samsung and WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) on holographic technology research and development, all in order to jointly promote the benign and rapid development of this industrial chain.

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