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China-hifi-Audio Brings to the Market Next-Generation Line Magnetic Audiophile Tube Amps for Excellent Sound Quality

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China-hifi-Audio Brings to the Market Next-Generation Line Magnetic Audiophile Tube Amps for Excellent Sound Quality

April 16
00:19 2020
China-hifi-Audio announces an unlimited supply of Audiophile tube amplifiers available for music/movie lovers.

In an effort to promote entertainment among people, China-hifi-Audio is launching a variety of audiophile tube amplifier products to customers across the world. These new lines of premium amplifiers are used for sound reinforcement, reproduction, audio recording, etc. They are used in devices wherever sound is produced like radio, TV, and music systems. The importance of these gadgets is that they assist in the proper functioning of all audio devices. Similarly, they enhance the sound quality and offer a better music experience. The spokesperson of the company said that these systems provide clean, excellent, and powerful sound with ultra-low distortion of noise. Numerous are incredible for a project, professional, home studios, etc. Before buying these devices for home theater or home stereo system, the staff advises clients on the best and appropriate device to select.

China-hifi-Audio Brings to the Market Next-Generation Line Magnetic Audiophile Tube Amps for Excellent Sound Quality

China-hifi-Audio’s Line Magnetic 508IA incorporates exclusive and unique features, including a voltage of 220V to 240V, a weight of 43 kg for easy serviceability, AC 220V±5%(50Hz/60Hz) power supply that delivers exceptional sound operations and an infrared remote control function to control the gadget. This kind of device is loved by numerous musicians and listeners, particularly those who play the guitar or classic rock music. As per the professionals, this gadget produces a natural sound when connected to a music instrument like TV, home theaters, etc. As far as color choice is concerned, users can choose from a lot of colors available like silver, gold, and black.

Generally, China-hifi-Audio’s released Line Magnetic LM-210IA is an excellent selection for any person who wants to generate smooth and rich sounds when playing specific instruments, like the guitar. Primarily, they are the first choice because of distortion-free clean sound. The exceptional design of these devices benefits the quality at large. This robust product is manufactured by a group of hardworking, experienced, and dedicated audiophile engineers. They include the most excellent wiring system. It has special made EI transformers that work incredibly and helps with the power supply.

The Line Magnetic 518IA features sleek and stylish black panels. Generally, these systems are used in a speaker to generate an even sound. They are just good sound boosters. These products enhance the audio signal, so it has a larger current while maintaining the same trend of fluctuation. Its wires can effectively transmit the signals and generate high-quality and rich sounds. Therefore, by using these systems, users can boost up the sound quality of their music system and enjoy the music. These devices are considered as the vital systems in setting up the home entertainment system during this self-isolation period.

About China-hifi-Audio

As one of the world’s largest audiophile tube amplifier suppliers, China-hifi-Audio specializes in distributing high-quality devices. These devices are known for their performance and durability. These devices come with numerous features and components. They get these devices from top manufacturing companies are supply them to different nations across the world. The store strives to offer its clients with safe and quality gadgets by strictly examining and managing all parts and raw materials used in these devices. Some of the products clients will find in their store include CD-Players, amplifiers, Cayin, cables, etc.

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Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
Contact Person: Yong Lee
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Phone: +86-1371134 6090
City: Guangzhou
Country: China

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