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25 Youths Have A Happy Get-together in Qiandao Lake, China

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25 Youths Have A Happy Get-together in Qiandao Lake, China

November 03
02:43 2019

Farewell to the sweltering hot summer, we greet the cool and golden autumn in Qiandao Lake and the arrival of 25 foreign Qiandao Lake experience tour participants. Though from different corners of the world and with different cultural backgrounds, together, they have witnessed the charm and beauty of Qiandao Lake; Together, they have admired the splendid work of nature in Qiandao Lake’s Stone Forest Scenic Area; Together, they have savored the authentic farm-flavored Qiandao Lake dishes; Together, they have had fun in competing with each other in auto-motorcycle and dragon boat competitions.


Qiandao Lake in October means a rich feast of delicacies. Tasty braised fish fillets, savory local chicken … These farm-flavored dishes with Qiandao Lake characteristics may be simple but absolutely nothing ordinary. These dishes have brought them a unique taste bud experience.

Qiandao Lake in October means an exciting adventure. In Xiling Village’s Motorcycle Area, these foreign participants enjoyed themselves to the full by riding auto-motorcycles.

Thrilling glass walkway, exciting Bungee jumping performance … all were challenging their limits. There was also a splendid dove performance, which has won bursts of cheers.


Qiandao Lake in October means a cultural exchange. These 25 foreign participants came to Qiandao Lake’s Home of Water Sports and had furious dragon boat competitions. Dragon Boat’s version tug of war and Dragon Boat rowing competition … they were all actively participated in each sport. When the final award was given to the winning team, no matter whether they won or lost, there were smiles on everyone’s face.

Qiandao Lake in October means a treat to magnificent views. In Baiyun Mountain Villa (bái yún shān zhuāng), which is high up on a mountain top, the foreign participants indulged themselves in surrounding natural views and fresher than fresh air; In Huangshan Peak, they took cable cars to the mountain top and feasted their eyes on the magnificent view of islands naturally forming a four Chinese characters  “tiān xià wéi gōng“, which means the whole world as one community.

Every October, Qiandao Lake is characterized by unique natural landscapes, rich folk customs, healthy and savory local food, wonderful sports … And in such a poetic place, what more interesting things will happen?

Please follow the official social media accounts of Qiandao Lake: Facebook (@1000IslandLake.China), Twitter (@QianDao_Lake) or Instagram (@visitqiandaolake) and stay tuned for our next event.

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