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South Korea Blockchain Championship – The battlefield is burning

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South Korea Blockchain Championship – The battlefield is burning

October 30
22:37 2019

The highly anticipated world blockchain championship “Try Angle” will be held in South Korea in November, and you will compete with 1000 projects to fight for the blockchain champion.

Once this activity was reported, it has triggered a hot spot in the blockchain industry. Thousands of project parties, media, and communities have been scrambling to participate in the global arena. So, what are the highlights of this competition? Why does it have such a global impact?

The highlights are frequent, you must not miss these wonderful things

South Korea’s largest IT media group piloted, global events grandly opened

It is a world-class blockchain competition organized by a subsidiary of Electronic News, the largest IT media group in South Korea. The entries are not limited to Korea and Asia. At that time, worldwide blockchain projects will gather together and compete with each other.

The most noteworthy is the organizer of this competition – Electronic News Group. Electronic news is Korea’s most influential special issue of knowledge economy. Electronic news is also the earliest IT special issue in Korea. It is dedicated to the development of the top media representing the knowledge economy of South Korea. Tens of thousands of south Korean elites obtain the latest developments of the global economy through electronic news. After 35 years of ups and downs, eNews has made outstanding achievements in technological development and industrial trends. In leading the future, also made outstanding contributions.

The subsidiary of the electronic news of this contest will personally perform the knife. It can be said that the elites of South Korea will basically witness this competition, and its importance and influence are self-evident.

The weight of the jury, domestic and foreign masters strong combination

The jury of this competition is all heavy weight level, among which Korean BW will be one of the jury of this competition together with OKex. (BW) currently ranks the top three in Korean exchanges, the top ten in CMC globally, and the first in Indonesian exchanges, with a total registration of 1.5 million and an average daily active user of over 100,000. The community language covers Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Spain, India, etc.

In addition, BW is also the exchange with the largest Korean Won OTC OTC trading channel. At present, BW has opened the Korean Won Trading Pair and the Korean Won OTC, providing smooth trading and top security for Korean digital currency enthusiasts. BW is arguably the exchange with the largest concentration of digital currency enthusiasts in South Korea, and its traffic is growing exponentially.

The combined power of BW and OKEX is bound to bring astonishing influence. They are heavily traded and have a strict currency selection system. As one of the benefits, entries will receive on-line BW/OkEX priority. If it can get the online qualification of these two exchanges, it will greatly improve the liquidity and total market value of the project tokens.

This is also a good opportunity for the gold project side.

The top 100 projects compete on the same stage, deep exposure, access to massive traffic

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for deep exposure on the global scale. It competes with the top 100 projects and has a strong endorsement. Compared with the master, the growth of martial arts must be a thousand miles. This is a great opportunity. The core of the blockchain project is consensus, and the number of participants in the project is the key to success or failure.

“Deep exposure” is a key link in the future development of the project. Gold project needs to be recognized by more audiences, in order not to be buried, in order to reach a broad consensus and success.

The BW recommended project participants

1. Conflux official website:

Project Description: Conflux is committed to building the next generation of high-performance DAPP public chain platform. While developing systems and architectures, Conflux will work with strategic partners to develop distributed applications and find real-world scenarios to accelerate blockchain technology.

2. MAC official website:  

Project Description: MAC Multiple Original Chain (Multiple Atomic Chain) is a multi-chain consensus, multi-chain parallel, multi-original mixed consensus mechanism and cross-chain atomic operating system The high-speed cross-chain assets flow through the underlying public chain.

3. ACC official website:  

Project Description: Asian-African Capital Chain: ACC, mainly from China, the United States, Singapore, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries, entrepreneurs, top-notch technical personnel and top-level venture capital team, with the support of 42 governments in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, we are committed to building financial innovation service organizations and building financing information platforms to help SMEs and financial institutions accurately connect. As a currency for the ecological circulation of tokens, ACC is a medium for commercial and financial transmission. Focus on the “One Belt and One Road” related blockchain project, connect key ecological nodes of various industries, integrate industry resources, and establish an international platform of mutual benefit. Promote the healthy development of the Asian and African economies.

4. CCTC official website:  

Project Description: CCTC-bulk commodity chain is a public chain that is committed to solving the trade of bulk commodities by endorsing commodities. CCTC-Commodity Chain aims to provide a safe, stable and efficient one-stop investment service for the vast majority of investment users. Based on blockchain P2P network protocol, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, distributed storage and other technologies, it will create a converged block as China’s first spot trading platform for chain technology. CCTC-bulk chain based on blockchain technology, through the deployment of equity nodes, distributed data networks, incentives and smart contract systems, the entire ecosystem has achieved everyone’s participation and governance, and traceability of products in anti-counterfeiting, supply chain, data deposit, user data privacy protection, decentralized transactions and other aspects has an absolute advantage.

5. WICC official website:  

Project Description: Wikilink focuses on blockchain technology research and development and related project operations, with industry-leading third-generation blockchain commercial public chain, with high-performance transaction processing capabilities, efficient consensus mechanisms, a powerful intelligent contract engine, and blockchain upgrade management capabilities to provide blockchain infrastructure and industry-level solutions for a wide range of industries and critical verticals.

6. CTT

Project Description: contract chain is a decentralized processing system that realizes the one-stop processing of contract creation, signing, supplementation, delivery, closing, etc., and blockchain certificate storage through intelligent contracts.

South Korea’s 300 head media, super media lineup

South Korea’s 300 head media/KOC/KOL, tracking reports for two months and continuing to announce. The popularity and accuracy of the audience is unprecedented.

At the same time, world-renowned media such as Coindesk/Cointelegraph/Cryptocoinsnews/YouTube/Naver TV/Tencent will synchronous dispersing pertains and live support. More than 10 million exposures and online discussions worldwide. In-depth exposure and full discussion will enable people to have a deeper understanding and recognition of the project. Super media lineup for the project brand to build a deep foundation.

Late support of the jury, OKEX, Star In Tech, the largest VC association In South Korea, well-known local enterprises In South Korea and Tokenfund will form a jury to select the TOP 10 quality projects In the world to participate In project incubation and marketing. Later, the jury will provide various resources to support the project. Legal, marketing, consulting professional enterprises to provide professional guidance, so that the project development will be on the professional path from the beginning. As is known to all, endorsement and resources are the fuel for the development of projects, and giant support enables high-quality projects to give full play to their creative and technical advantages and quickly iterate.

The battlefield is waiting for you.

Competition time:

Application deadline: 2019/11/1

Open voting time: 2019/11/11

Reviewing time: 2019/11/11-2019/12/9

Organizer: Star In Tech

Co-organizer: Korea Electronic News Media Group

List of expert reviewers:, OKEx Korea, SBI Investment, BitForex, etc.

Media partners:

Korea Electronic News Media Group /Tencent /Naver TV/YouTube/Digital Journal/

Golden Finance / Mars Finance / Coin Express / Coin World / Running Finance / Times Online / DailyTimesLeader / / FOX Substation / ABC Substation /

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Country: Australia

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