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“Great power master concord all nations” international artist – Pan Xilin

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“Great power master concord all nations” international artist – Pan Xilin

October 25
22:44 2019

Pan xilin wild wind hall master, anhui tianchang people, now live in Beijing. Successively at the central academy of fine arts painting department, tsinghua university academy of fine arts, has instructed to Chen Dayu, Gu Youfu, Zhang Lichen, Guo Yicong, currently he is member of Chinese artists association, the Chinese people’s university of high art institute of flowers and birds painting research class teacher, Chinese painting and calligraphy international university distinguished professor, distinguished professor of anqing normal university academy of fine arts, Chinese wanli running script artists association, vice President of China, Confucius cultural exchange promotion association, vice President of the world, the Chinese artists association of tourism communication center director, honorary President of the red flag flying academy (Beijing), finger painting research association, vice President of China, to learn the founding director of the Chinese painting in anhui province, anhui zhongshan art academies, vice President of the, Honorary President of jinling calligraphy academy, vice President of chuzhou artists association, curator of Beijing pan xilin art museum, first-class artist, One Belt And One Road silk road cultural journey, sino-kyrgyz national ceremony project artist, awarded by China federation of literary arts; The honorable title of deyi shuangxin artist.

Selected works:

“The first national flower and bird exhibition” (sponsored by China artists association)

“The second national landscape painting exhibition” award of excellence

“The seventh exhibition of national finger painting research association” award of excellence (sponsored by Chinese finger painting research association)

The eighth national art exhibition (sponsored by the ministry of culture and China art association)

Top prize of “exhibition of famous contemporary Chinese flower and bird painters” (sponsored by ministry of culture and China exhibition exchange center)

Bronze prize of “national peony campaign national flower exhibition” (sponsored by ministry of culture and henan provincial people’s government)

First prize of “anhui youth painting and calligraphy exhibition” (sponsored by anhui art association, book association and league provincial committee)

“Welcome” 97 Hong Kong return to China calligraphy and painting works grand prix “excellent work award” (sponsored by the ministry of culture)

“Contemporary Chinese painting exhibition” (sponsored by the ministry of culture)

“China enjoy cup national painting and calligraphy exhibition” award of excellence, and went to Japan to participate in the sino-japanese ink and wash painting exhibition (sponsored by the Chinese artists association)

“The first poverty alleviation exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and painting for thousands of years” (sponsored by China art association and China calligraphy association)

“Welcome 99 macau return to Chinese painting and photography exhibition” (sponsored by China art association and CCTV painting and calligraphy academy)

“Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and welcoming the return of Macao to the national exhibition of poets, calligraphers and painters”

“Works of famous cross-century Chinese painters” (sponsored by the ministry of culture and China exhibition exchange center)

“New works of Chinese paintings by President of national academy of painting” (sponsored by ministry of culture, cultural and art talent center)

“New era Chinese painting exhibition” award of excellence (sponsored by China art association)

“Expressing Beijing’s feelings and realizing the Olympic dream” calligraphy and painting photography exhibition (sponsored by China art association, China calligraphy association, China art news and general office of China federation of literary and cultural affairs)

Silver award of “first nomination exhibition of Chinese finger painting research association” (sponsored by Chinese finger painting research association)

“2008 harmonious China welcomes Olympic Games” gold award of national exhibition of fine arts, calligraphy and photography (sponsored by the cultural activities department of the 29th Olympic organizing committee)

He has held personal exhibitions in Beijing, guangdong, fuzhou, shandong, xiamen, zhangzhou, zhejiang, hunan, gansu and Inner Mongolia. Works in a: rongbaozhai, “Chinese artist”, “Oriental art”, “the artist”, “the study of Chinese painting”, “art world”, “art space and time”, “Chinese painting qing reward”, “Chinese painting”, “bright treasure”, “contemporary painting and calligraphy collection”, “art”, “painting and calligraphy”, “painting and calligraphy of xihe newspaper,” with Chinese people “contemporary masters,” the fine arts creation”, “Chinese contemporary art”, “as a hidden”, “shenzhou fuhai illustrated, culture and art newspaper,” the calligraphy and painting world”, “art collection” “contemporary painting ten” Macao legal newspaper, the people’s art”, “Chinese artist”, “Chinese painting and calligraphy market news”, “Chinese cultural industry news”, “world knowledge pictorial news”, “Chinese painting and calligraphy news”, “overseas Chinese art” and other special introduction. Some works have been collected by zhongnanhai, the great hall of the people, Beijing training base of the National People’s Congress, central academy of fine arts, CCTV, Party School of the CPC Central Committee, fuzhou art museum, jinan museum, wuhan changjiang artists art museum, guilin museum, Egyptian embassy, etc. In November 2015, he was invited to hold an exhibition at the Louvre in Paris, France, and won the “outstanding contemporary Chinese painting talent award” issued by the ministry of human resources, and was awarded the title of “100 outstanding contemporary artists”.

In May 2018, he was elected as the artist of the One Belt And One Road cultural tour of China and kyrgyzstan national ceremony project selected by the ministry of culture of kyrgyzstan.

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Stormy lotus pond

Birdsong mountain is more secluded

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