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Are You the Bride this Wedding Season?

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Are You the Bride this Wedding Season?

October 31
05:17 2013

brideOctober 31- If it is rightly said that marriages are planned in heaven, then why not to make this day the most memorable event of life? Are you one of the brides in this wedding period and is your marriage on the cards now? If pat reply comes as yes, then it is the correct time to go through the points mentioned below:

Create a to-do list :-

To make a to-to list is one of the important tasks a bride should do for sure. It is suggested in view of the fact that nothing important should get left for the last moment. Write down everything you need, be it jewelry, make-up kits, clothes, shoes and daily wears.

• Finish Shopping :

Try to finish all the work related with shopping at least 1 and ½ to 2 months in advance. This may be a little bit difficult but if done aptly, you put a full stop to the last moment complexities. Keep your wedding dress and all the accessories of the day at one place. Manage other things as similar to the previous one. This would also help you stay away from panicking as things have already been done and kept systematically.

• Focus on Food and Drinks :

No attire, no makeup can make you look stunning on your D- day until your face is not glowing. Adding more to the point, shine on face comes through healthy food habits. Pay attention to whatever you are eat and drink. Give place to fresh veggie salad in your food habit as vegetables incorporate unmatched nutritional value. Drink at least 5 to 8 litres of water, which alone imparts major role in bringing natural shine on the face. Besides, intake of fresh fruit juices should surely be done as a minimum once or twice a day.

• Say No to Alcohol :

One should absolutely give a full stop consuming alcohol, especially when wedding time is near. It is not at all good for health and even none of the groom would love marrying an alcoholic girl. If you find difficulty in leaving this habit, replace alcohol with fruit juices, which are undoubtedly very healthy. Elders’ guidance can also work as a therapy.

• Be Calorie Conscious :

If you have put on some weight, then reducing it instantly is not at all a working solution. It is even difficult and may cause different sorts of health issues. Instead of giving a halt to the eating habits, just be a tad calorie conscious. Avoid consuming too much of oil, ghee, sweets, fast food items, spicy eatables, tea and coffee. Drink slightly warm water with a punch of half lemon early in the morning. This would not only help in reducing weight but also make you feel fresh throughout the day.

• Hygiene And Personal Care :

There is no substitute of hygiene & personal care. Guests who attend marriage parties just pay focus on two essential points – first one – looks of both bride and groom and secondly – the food. Best is the option to start taking care of yourself. If you are a working lady, then after returning at your place, dip your hands and feet in warm water. This helps in lessening down all sort of body pain and relaxes mind too. Apply sun screen for sure whenever you go outside of the house. Avoid using new cosmetics as these can be allergic to skin. Take head and body massage twice a week.

• Be Happy :

Last but not the least – stay happy. It is one of the prime tasks that should come from within. The more you laugh, the more you glow. Enjoy each moment of yours with all family members because this beautiful time would never come again.

These are just a few simple methods that would assist you look absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. Be contented from inside and let your face speak everything on the Wedding Day.

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