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Water for Future

October 30
07:35 2013

Water for FutureOctober 30 – Water is the core element of survival for all living beings. It is the main source of life on the planet. Even human body includes almost 90 percent of water. Its importance can be understood with the fact that water is essential for giving life to each one of us. Neither humans nor animals & plants could survive without it. Despite the fact that water is vital, its misuse is visible everywhere, be it from overflowing tanks, broken public water taps and water supplying tankers.

Apart from this, water is wasted in quite a lot of households from early morning till the end of the day. And, it is only us who play large role in wasting it by performing innumerable tasks like washing of cars or bikes, cleaning of clothes through fully automatic machines, toilet flushing- which alone requires several litres of water, washing of rooms every week rather than wiping it with floor wipes and brushing teeth & cleaning utensils with continuous running water.

To work is not bad but working by wasting anything is bad. In the aforementioned household jobs, there are more than a few tasks that can be done with recycled water, rain water or even water droplets that come out from air conditioners, such as wiping floors, flushing in the washrooms, cleaning of vehicles and so on.

Always keep an eye on leaking water taps in the house as this can waste 2 to 3 buckets of water single-handedly if speed of leakage is too fast. Try to use as minimum litres of water as you can for the reason that ‘the more we store, the more we save for future’. It is very much understood that coming generations are going to face too many problems related with their survival, such as inflated rates of food and clothing, pollution, increased population and traffic. Apart from these problems, water scarcity would also become prominent if necessary steps and measures are not taken at the moment.

Even today also, people of various places face water shortage problem, however, instead of taking lessens from this, they try to use as much as water they can. In several areas of New Delhi only, water is supplied through tankers due to no direct water supply facility. If this is the situation in various regions of the capital city of the nation, how worst would be condition in small towns and districts?

Be awake a tad before up till it is too late. Consume water and learn new methods of recycling water so that life becomes easy for you and coming generations as well. Do rain water harvesting with the help of people residing nearby you or your building and utilize the same for washing various ‘means of transportation’. Use your intellect and help others to know significance of water and its correct usage, otherwise situation will be out of control in the coming time. Today, most of us do not have any other option apart from drinking ‘can water’ that comes nearly in 30 to 40 rupees. Range gets up if you buy water from a brand name. If wasting water habit is not controlled, then time is no far when we have to buy water for other purposes as well.

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