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Digging to stop at Daudia Kheda

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Digging to stop at Daudia Kheda

October 29
08:27 2013

Daudia KhedaOctober 29 – After 10 days of digging in Daudia Kheda, Unnao, in the hunt for 1000 tonnes of gold, not a piece of gold has come out. As per recent information, ASI will stop digging soon in view of the fact that there is nothing important coming out of the earth.

Here is to mention that subsequent to Sobhan Sarkar’s dream regarding 1000 tonnes of gold present at the place and possibility of existence of a number of metals underneath the ground, task of digging started on October 18. Daudia Kheda has been in the lime light these days after the prediction of gold at the venue followed by a dream.

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