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Spread Happiness not Pollution this Diwali

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Spread Happiness not Pollution this Diwali

October 29
06:31 2013

Diwali crackersOctober 29 – Deepawali, commonly called as Diwali, is the festival of lights, crackers, sweets, joy and blessings. The entire festival lasts for five days, starting from Dhanteras and ending on Bhai Dooj, which is undoubtedly its best part in view of the fact that Diwali lets people come close to celebrate happiness together. However, there is a bitter side of this festive season and that is excessive pollution in the air during this time due to bursting of the crackers.

If truth to be told, then people have become very much aware in past few years not to be someone who imparts his role in adding to the air pollution. Even quite a lot of families are making their children know about the aftermath effect of burning crackers in our atmosphere and motivating them to use the money (what they would have spent in purchasing crackers) for a good cause. But still huge populace of the country feels better just at the time when they hear loud noises of crackers. A few among them find their money worth only when purchased crackers scare people in their neighborhoods from loud bang.

Unbearable noise from crackers is not good for health, especially for newly born babies and old age people. Even pets and stray animals get frightened with it but who cares! The only thing we want is our satisfaction and happiness. But this way of living is absolutely wrong for the reason that humans are social animals by nature and for our survival, society is essential. Best is the option to learn something good that can be helpful for personal growth and growth of the humanity as well.

All through Diwali, the degree of suspended particles augments frighteningly due to bursting crackers, which is perilous to the atmosphere. Great amount of smoke is emitted by the crackers, resulting in ‘air pollution’ that is absolutely unhealthy to inhale, comprising dangerous elements of smoke such as sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, magnesium oxide and carbon monoxide.

Apart from just giving rise to air pollution, crackers’ bursting add to global warming also. Diseases related with respiratory system or respiration become prominent during Diwali. On one hand, magnesium oxide leads metal fume fever whereas on the other hand, copper compounds generate irritation in the respiratory tract of our body. Adding more to the point, carbon monoxide lessens oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. As a result, a healthy body starts suffering from several problems. Best is the solution to avoid bursting crackers. A few crackers that create great visuals can be burst so that every other can also enjoy. Play safe, be safe and give a safer place for survival to the upcoming generations.

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