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Let your heart pump at good rate

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Let your heart pump at good rate

October 24
12:14 2013

Let your heart pump at good rateOctober 24 – A healthy heart is a key part of body that aids in leading a life with full of happiness and joy. When a heart works at a good rate, almost 90 percent of the problem gets solved. In past few years, several cases related to cardiac arrest have been reported all around the world, increasing the death toll. However, a little awareness towards the way you live and kinds of food you eat can keep you stay away from problems related with the heart.

Points that should be remembered for giving a good life to your heart are as mentioned just below:-

• Watch out before consuming food you are going to take.

• Keep a watch on the amount of calories you munch throughout the day.

• Keeping body in good shape is also one of the solutions for protecting heart given that obesity leads to health failure if not controlled on time.

• Avoid having fast food items.

• Eat salt in limit.

• Stay away from cholesterol increasing eatables.

What to eat?

• Green leafy veggies :-

Being very low in fat, calories and high in dietary fibre, green vegetable for instance fenugreek, pak choy, spinach, radish leaves, lettuce and coriander are healthy options in view of the fact that these are identified to lessen down the danger of heart illness. These veggies are rich in various nutritious contents as well, comprising magnesium, calcium, potassium and folic acid and so on.

• Whole grains :-

Whole foods such as wheat, Bengal gram, pearl millet, kidney beans, barley, millet, pulses – green gram or golden gram (moong dal) are essentially ideal for the heart for the reason that they give vitamins and natural fibre to the body. They are also good source of vital vitamins.

• Soya : –
Soya has very nutritious qualities, filling new energy in body when consumed in the form of soya milk, soya chunks or soya mince. All of these items can be purchased from any of the nearby stores. Those who are vegetarian, soya is the best option for them. Cook it as vegetable and use it as core element while making vegetable biryani. It can be consumed by simply sautéing it in ghee with a pinch of salt and black pepper.

• Canola and olive oil :-
If you can afford, then try to make food for yourself and family in canola and olive oil. Chances of heart diseases reduce with the use of these oils as they reduce bad cholesterol present in the body.

• Nuts :-
Consumption of nuts for instance, almonds, raisins, walnuts and cashew nuts, are good for health but avoid having them in too much quantity as excess of anything is always harmful.

• Fruits :-
Intake of fruits is helpful for maintaining a good balance within the body. Instead of eating too much of food at one time, have few fruits like apple, banana, kiwi, melons etc.
Apart from focusing all your attention on your food and drinking habits, keep a watch over the exercises you do. Wake up a bit early in the morning so that you can breathe fresh air for at least 15-20 minutes. Do a proper walk and meditate for 20-30 minutes also. Eat healthy, stay fit and live a long life with a heart that pumps properly at good rate.

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