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Pollution in air – lethal for life

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Pollution in air – lethal for life

October 24
09:45 2013

PollutionOctober 24 – Everyone knows that pollution in the atmosphere is injurious to health and deadly chemicals in the surroundings are even fatal, being major source of carrying poisonous elements inside the body. Most of us are aware of this piece of information yet we ourselves do not try to eradicate or minimize pollution.

Dangerous gases in the air, such as, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, release of mercury from various industries, fluorescent lamps and coal’s burning, methane gas, chlorofluorocarbons etc. cause very bad impact on the health of human beings as well as on animals too.

Carbon monoxide is one of the highly dangerous colorless, odorless and tasteless gases among them that plays vast role in reducing oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. As per the recent proclamation by International Agency for Research on Cancer, commonly called as IARC, air pollution is responsible for lung cancer.

Not only our country India, but various other nations are also fighting to control air pollution keeping in mind its bad impact in the society. However, many of the Indian cities are polluted more than several other cities of the world. Pollution in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Ludhiana etc. is beyond belief.

Various patients suffering from respiratory and heart diseases have come in the lime light rapidly in past few years as they were knowingly or unknowingly inhaling harmful gases while breathing. People are buying too many vehicles irrespective of increasing fuel costs, which hikes in almost every 3 to 4 months. Pedestrians are unable to have a proper walk in the morning as since during sunrise only, roads get totally jam packed. Situation will be worst in the coming years and we would not be able to have an escape from it in view of the fact that ‘we will reap what we sow’.

How can we expect a healthy generation when mother of the baby not even gets fresh air to breathe? Physical condition and immunity power of today’s children are not too strong. A good and neatly prepared food is just not enough for them. Best solution to come out from such sorts of troublesome problem is just start having a keen eye on the things you do.

Opt carpooling option if you are an office fellow; availing public transport facilities is also good and cheap too as far as cost is concerned. Keep having a cross check over the pollution released by your vehicles. Pollution check will help your cars or bikes release less amount of smoke. Implement small things in life and create a safer zone for yourself and coming generations to live because a nation is called healthy with its people are in good mental and physical state.

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