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Onions hit 100 without playing any ODI!

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Onions hit 100 without playing any ODI!

October 23
07:33 2013

onion 2October 23 – More than a few situations look hilarious in the present time even though being troublesome in actual life. One of them is the skyrocketing costs of onions that seem totally out of control. After having a look at the current rates of the veggie, several cricketers, who haven’t gotten too many chances to play cricket, might think – had they been onions, they would have had at least a 100 in the record books.

No matter whosoever is responsible for the increasing rates of onions, those who are actually suffering are none other than the mango people. Both whole sale and the retail sale prices of this common vegetable are ready to do big holes in the pocket of buyers who have already been managing their budgets with the escalating rates of various domestic commodities.

No relief is expected in the near future too. Be it Patna, Guwahati, Mumbai, Delhi, NCR zone, Chennai, Lucknow or Kanpur, prices of onions have increased the heat in the kitchen. Problem is a tad more for people who love munching non-vegetarian food as these foods requires lots of spices, garlic, ginger and onions.

Ranchi, Bengaluru and Punjab are only a few cities where onions are ranging in between 50 – 60 rupees. Keeping the current scenario in mind, it seems time is very near when we will be saying to the coming generations – in our times there used to be a costly vegetable called onion! As it is hard to believe for us to accept the existence of dinosaurs in the past, in the similar way, it might be hard for them to digest stories of onions. People have not only reduced the quantity onions while preparing various sorts of vegetable curries that have core ingredient with onions, but also have minimized this veggie’s consumption in salads and dips.

Despite onion is known for bringing tears in the eyes, yet there are lots of benefits eating it. For example – it comprises chromium, which helps in controlling blood sugar. Moreover, it perks up the working of Vitamin C, as a consequence making immunity better. Onions are used to cure infections too. Not only is this, spring onions are rich in Vitamin A, which is good for health too. In the nutshell, high prices of this commonly used vegetable are not just bad for pockets but also for health. There should be some emergency measures so that onion can reach at every household to lift the taste of food.

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