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Easy Ways to Get Beautiful Hands

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Easy Ways to Get Beautiful Hands

October 22
04:28 2013


October 22 – Most of us pay all our attention to have a beautiful and blemish free face and for this, we pour quite a lot of inputs. That is absolutely fine, however just to take a good care of face is not enough as ignoring hands and feet skin for a long time can completely spoil your overall appearance. Best is the option to go for regular manicures and pedicures that can even be done at home just by following a few convenient steps.

For manicure :-

A number of small tools and items will be required if you are willing to perform manicure of your own at home. Well, if you think so, then it is even a money saving idea too. Get a bowl in which both the hands can properly be soaked, cuticle pusher, nail clipper, orange stick, cotton buds, nail polish or nail paint remover and hand lotion.

Procedures to be followed for manicure :-

• First of all just remove the nail paint from the nails using soft cotton and remover.

• Avoid using too much of remover at one time for removing the nail color as it can make your nails too much dry.

• Wash your hands properly now with fresh water and soap and let them get dry of their own.

• As soon as nails are dry, file them nicely using nail filer and give a perfect shape keeping in mind your taste.

• Now, take a bowl and pour slightly warm water, a cap of mild shampoo or body wash followed by 5-6 drops of hydrogen peroxide.

• Put your hands in the bowl for next 10 to 15 minutes.

• Take them out and push the cuticles back softly using cuticle pusher.

• Use orange stick for cleaning hidden dust from the nails.

• Wash your hands under running water for one more time and dry them using a towel.

• Apply moisturizer and give a good massage to your hands for 2-3 minutes. This process helps in relaxing hands and even gives flexibility to the tired skin.

• Now as per your wish, apply nail color of your choice or leave your nails as like this so that they can breathe in appropriate manner.

Procedures to be followed for pedicure :-

Almost all the aforementioned steps can be followed for getting a suitable pedicure at home. Adding more to the point, if you have a little bit more time to take care of your hands and legs, then after pedicure and manicure, use a scrub to remove dead skin and massage both hands and legs with a glycerin rich lotion. Applying a homemade pack of honey, curd and gram flour will give a shine to the texture of the skin.

Follow these easy steps and give a boost to your style not just by a beautiful face but also with lovely hands and legs. Let others get stun with the way you look. So, are you ready!

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