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Vegetable Prices Reach at new heights; Onions @ 90 Rs!

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Vegetable Prices Reach at new heights; Onions @ 90 Rs!

October 21
09:35 2013

Vegetable PricesNew Delhi, October 21 – Skyrocketing prices of vegetables have made buyers minimize the quantity of food items they have been eating in order to stay fit and fine. The recent price at which onions are sold in the market is rupees 90! It is truly shocking. How people are going to manage their budgets according to soaring costs of vegetables and that too, during festive season, is a million dollar question now in view of the fact that things are going to be extremely challenging in the near future.

In the recent time, inflation has become absolutely uncontrollable and this is surely gonna be a big trouble for Congress Party. Common mob is just fed up coping with rising prices of food items, vegetables and even petrol & diesel day-to-day. Unbalance in the costs has made their patience level touch the bottommost stage and without a doubt, they will give a tit for tat during the election that will be held in 2014 by casting their votes in favor of some other party.

If a look at the general rates of vegetables, which have important place in the plates of several Indians, is given, current situations seem very much complicated. Not only have onions, but potatoes and tomatoes are also there to put pressure on your pockets. For one kg of potato, buyers have to pay in the range of 35 to 40, for tomato- 40 to 50. It is really hard to imagine by when things will come at the normal stage!

General public in New Delhi is not only the sufferer, people at various cities like Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kanpur, Mumbai and Allahabad are facing same sort of trouble. Talk about middle class families or even the upper class households, all of them are confronting almost similar problem and that is, how to manage their budgets so that they can run their lives smoothly. If this is the situation of families that can at least afford buying of food and vegetables, just give a thought over condition of people living below poverty line?

Costs of milk have also risen by rupees 2. Eating fruits seem to be turning a thing of past and this is again due to ascending rates. Where our country is heading, it is really hard to locate. However, one point is absolutely clear that Government is totally failed to be at par with the hopes of its people. Crowd is just filled with anger and keeping in mind their recent remarks over rocketing prices, it seems people are ready to give a chance to some other party. Let us see what happens next. It will be interesting to see whether Congress bounces back someone else gets the opportunity to rule. But for now, pay big sums for eatable items and get less.

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