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Brown Rehabilitation and Treatment Center seeks support to help patients with no insurance coverage

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Brown Rehabilitation and Treatment Center seeks support to help patients with no insurance coverage

December 20
21:33 2016

Houston-based medical facility Brown Rehabilitation and Treatment Center has launched a campaign on to seek funds for helping patients with financial issues or with no insurance coverage. They have started the fundraiser with a goal of raising $100k which will be used in supporting the patients, especially the ones suffering from aChronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

This disease solely affects over 12 million of the USA population and in a number of cases the patients don’t receive the proper treatment due to poor financial conditions and no medical insurance. Brown Rehabilitation and Treatment Center help such patients in treating their breathing problems, muscle weakness and atrophy, and reduced ability to function with everyday activities.

The treatment of COPD is not simple and requires about 36 visits and to afford the expenses of such treatment is not possible for everyone which is why the medical center helps them to get the treatment at negligible cost and at times completely free of cost. The Brown center also provides free transportation services to the needy. The reason they have turned to the masses for donations is that after the inception of “Obama Care” their reimbursements was dramatically reduced and the pressure to offer the “pro bono” services increased tremendously. If the campaign goes successful, they’ll be able to help the patients in need in a better way.

Because of the above situation, they couldn’t treat 80 patients in the previous year. The success of the campaign will ensure that the Brown center is able to treat the patients who’re unable to pay for their treatments, need a reduction in the payment or don’t have any medical insurance.The center is seriously considering the risk of COPD in the USA as over 120,000 people die due to it every year and millions of others go without treatment. In many cases, the death can be avoided through proper care and treatment provided at the right time.

Brown’spulmonary grogram also helps reduce medical costby preventing or reducing re-hospitalization of patients and in turn helping the patients with extremely expensive hospital stays ranging from $1500 to $4000 per day. The cost to treat each patient at Brown is only $4800 for 12 weeks excluding the transportation cost of $1200. To be able to help the financially poor patients, the success of the campaign is highly important for Brown clinic and yearly they need a budget between $50,000 to $100,000. More information about the campaign can be seen on

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