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People in Capital City Enjoy Mix of Hot and Cold Conditions

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People in Capital City Enjoy Mix of Hot and Cold Conditions

December 14
15:26 2016

cold2New Delhi, Wednesday, December 14 – After a gradual change in weather conditions early December, most of the people believed the fog and cold climate are all set to send them in blankets for a long time. But that did not happen. Even though fog stays in picture but it vanishes in most parts the moment sun shines.

Sunny afternoon are observed in several regions of the capital city during middle of the day. If truth be told then the idea of opening eyes up to sunny mornings was probably not there. Sunlight intensity decreased for a short while a day ago but it did not trouble the masses and next few hours were bathed in light, offering pleasant comfort. Days are a blend of hot and cold at the present. Nights and early hours of the dawn make cooler situations to set in, while daytime allows warmness to gain foothold.

Despite the fact that good rainfall and intense heat during the season boost the thought about cooler days in winter months, the majority is enjoying the current climate, which is letting them take put time to plan a trip during upcoming vacations. But yes, they would need to go with precautionary measures while travelling as low visibility can be a problem, especially when commuting by own vehicle.

The winds early today gave people shiver. In the anticipation of colder days ahead, the residents want to be all set from their end to get rid of biting cold.  The mercury is supposed to drop steadily by this week as a result of higher possibility of the gust blowing in speed and rapidly changing climate in the hilly regions. However, good amount of sunshine is expected to keep on spreading a broad smile on the faces of residents and give them a relief what is usually eyed in winters.

Humidity on Wednesday will be 48 per cent. Besides this, speed of wind will be 18 km per hour. The amount of plenty of sun will reduce to certain extent in the coming days, exposing residents to chilly weather once again. It wouldn’t be surprising to notice dropping temperatures keeping populace indoors most of the times. Timings of various schools in Delhi are not changed yet, causing problems especially to the kids of junior classes.

Those commuting from trains, buses and flights to earn their bread and butter or traveling purposes are reaching their destinations much behind the schedules as fog is affecting smooth operations of various means of transportation. Delhiites are aware with the fact that sun may to hide behind the clouds soon to make climate turn colder. Maximum and minimum temperatures today are said to be 24 degree Celsius and 10 degree Celsius, respectively. Sky will not be completely clear after a few days thanks to some cloudiness. An expected break from sunshine in the near term will let cold out of the blue gain foothold in the middle of this month.

According to available information, the populace is able to enjoy distinct flavours as prices of a few season kitchen staples have dropped. But scenario might not be same further as cost of veggies and grains might go through the ceilings since a number of crop producing states are not been able to sow crops due to lack of sums in their hands after demonetisation. Delay in crop sowing might make yield of wheat etc.  to drop, resulting in high prices in the coming season. If output isn’t good then people will have to spend a lion’s share of money to meet the kitchen needs. Tomatoes, potatoes and leafy greens aren’t pricey from the last couple of weeks. But picture isn’t likely to be the same, disturbing household budgets to a certain extent after some time. At the present, the dwellers are trying to include as many as flavours possible in their daily food since winter being best time to enjoy freshness of seasonal vegetables.