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Sunshine Welcomes Delhi People in Early Hours

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Sunshine Welcomes Delhi People in Early Hours

December 09
15:32 2016

sundelhiNew Delhi, Friday, December 9 – It was lately when foggy mornings increased the probability of finding days getting colder. But picture was completely opposite on Friday after enormous sunshine greeted populace right from the start of the day.

Even though cold existed, sunlight offered huge comfort. Fog was seen in other cities, affecting both rail, air and road traffic in the beginning of the day but soon sun began to shine, letting populace to come outside and enjoy being under the natural light.

The surrounding is said to be warm today with higher temperature touching 25 degree Celsius mark while lower temperature settling at 12 degree Celsius. The dampness is to stay 52 per cent. Wind speed is to slow down at 6 km per hour on Friday but this is to increase towards the weekend.

If recent information about weather of Delhi is to be trusted then sunbeams will carry on comforting individuals. But yes, drop in temperature is to be witnessed. Since more than a few trains are getting cancelled, people who had their reservations several months ago to go for a vacation or urgent works are facing troubles as getting confirmed tickets in the last minute is not an easy task.

Troubles are no less for the commuters who are spending more than a few hours on platforms while waiting for the trains in which they have their bookings. Delay of several hours is causing much discomfort to children and aged people as siting for a long time without getting a clear idea about trains’ departure and arrival is annoying as well. By the middle of December, snowfall in mountainous places will drop the temperature elsewhere.

If actuality of today is to be mentioned then sheer comfort was easily noticeable on the faces of Delhiites as soon as they saw clear skies. The unexpected breather from cold day introduced trivial increase in both maximum temperature and minimum temperature, bringing relief. Here is to mention that since the change in climate is not adopted easily by the majority, rise in number of patients is observed. This is the reason why many people complain about some health issues that are common in winters.

Young fellows and older populace are contributing in the numbers of patients who are frequently visiting doctors to get their ailment treated properly. Health experts advise people not to have walk in the smog to avoid problem in breathing. It would not be surprising to see people waking up to sunny days in the current and next weeks. Even though temperature isn’t high, the residents are advised to keep themselves hydrated by taking in a lot of water, seasonal fruits etc. to stay energetic throughout the entire day. Skin care becomes crucial in this season to stop it from breaking or getting dry.