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Fruits, Vegetables Turn Inexpensive Post Demonetization

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Fruits, Vegetables Turn Inexpensive Post Demonetization

December 09
15:38 2016

beansNew Delhi, Friday, December 9 – Prices of more than a few vegetables have come a tad down in the national capital and various other cities in the last one month time. Demonetization has affected the sale of fruits as well. Even though dropping prices is a positive news for the consumers, who usually try to compromise on the quantity the moment rates of daily needs inflate, they are not able to buy much, still.

Scenario is different in view of the fact that the common kitchen staples like tomato, potato, onions etc. are being priced at the costs that is not going to burn a big hole in customers’ pocket. But despite prices being low, the venders are not seeing a lot of people on their shops. The key issue most of the households have been facing is lack of sufficient cash even though it has been a month when notes of INR 500 and INR 1000 were banned.

Many homemakers are complaining about not having ample money in their hands to spend it on kitchen stuffs regardless of taking out time to stand in queues outside ATMs and Banks. Not everybody is able to take his/her money out. Whenever their turn to withdraw money comes, the cash usually ends, leaving them with no option but to be hopeful for their number another day. The fall in the rates of both an array of fruits and vegetables is making a few buyers get elated as they can buy these from the market in the required quantity. Since the majority isn’t comfortable to go with online payment options, many people residing in different corners are yet eating their meals with nothing nutritious on the plate.

Demonetization is said to have affected automobile sale as well in the previous month. As per experts, things will take time to come on track. Problem will exist in different sectors too. Not many have been able to take their salaries out even though the pay of the month has been credited into their account. Problems have been huge for the daily wage workers. Even though rainbow veggies are inexpensively priced, people are not able to buy these and add to the taste in the food they prepare due to insufficient cash in hand. Those who have got the new currency of INR 2000 are facing problem to get change in return.

The folks associated with e-commerce portals are content, on the other hand, as a lot of people are opting this mode of buying goods with free home delivery. The brides and grooms-to-be are placing orders online for their favourite wedding dresses to find a solution when their families face trouble while withdrawing sums. On one hand, fruits and vegetables’ costs are turning economical, rates of legumes are disturbing kitchen budgets, on the other hand.