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Save Water Today to Bless the Coming Generations Tomorrow

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Save Water Today to Bless the Coming Generations Tomorrow

October 31
15:54 2014

water1New Delhi, Friday, October 31 – Water is important for survival of the living creatures. One can imagine his life without food for some days, but not without water, which comprises matchless importance in our daily lives. If it is called the core element of survival for plants, human beings, animals and soil then it wouldn’t be wrong anyway.

Despite knowing its huge significance, it is annoying to see people wasting several litres of water regularly. Scarcity of water is alone a big problem in a number of regions. It is responsibility of every countryman to save it for future and do his bit.

Stocking the rainwater could be used for more than a few purposes for instance, mopping the floor, washing cars & bikes, irrigating the farms etc.  Hundreds of litres of water are utilized in almost each household for bathing, brushing, washing utensils & clothes and cleaning. People must keep in mind that misuse of water is not going to give any positive result in the upcoming months and years. The inhabitants of Rajasthan and many other states face the problem of inadequate water supply. No matter whatever the weather is, people must make efforts to store as much as water they can. Thanks to modern-day technology, this task is not even difficult.

Installation of a showerhead supporting low flow should be preferred at home. Leaking water taps should be fixed without wasting any precious moment. Why doesn’t our heart bleed seeing wastage of water. Rivers and ponds are missing the natural flow due to less rainfall this year. If same scenario exaggerates in further years, coming generations will confront problematic situation from time to time.

Seeing the carelessness of the common mob towards this natural resource, it seems they aren’t able to visualize the terrible situation when there will be no water left on the globe. The ecosystem has to be saved for trouble-free existence of life on the planet. Toilet flushing alone requires several litres of water. Rather than using fresh and clean water for this purpose, make use of conserved water. The inhabitants who brush their teeth under continuously running water must give up this habit.

It could be quite surprising for the mob to know that various domestic chores can easily be finished with recycled water, rainwater or even water droplets coming out of air conditioners. Instead of wasting this great source of life, it would be wise to use less water. Small steps what we take today will have a major impact on the generations to come. There is a dire need for us to unite and join hands to save water for future.

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