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Kitchen Budget to Slightly Disturb as LPG Prices Surge by INR 3

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Kitchen Budget to Slightly Disturb as LPG Prices Surge by INR 3

October 29
16:52 2014

cylinderNew Delhi, Wednesday, October 29 – The time has come when people will have to shell out INR 3 more to get subsidized cooking gas for the reason that the government augmented the commission of the dealers. Despite the fact that rates are slightly increased but as compared to previous years, it could be called insignificant.

Now, residents of the national capital will have to pay INR 417 to buy 14.2 kilogram cylinder, which was costing INR 414 before. On the other hand, as against INR 448.50, Mumbians will have to shell out INR 452 for the cylinder of the same weight.

Distributors of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) are a tad happy with the hike but signs of worry can be seen on the common men who have to modify their financial plans as per the increase and decrease in the costs of basic commodities. However, they are a bit relaxed to see that they hike is not too big that could badly disturb the kitchen budget.

‘Had the hike been huge, it would have surely forced us to rethink over the other means of food preparation. Cost of LPG remains affordable so we need not to think of alternatives, said a buyer who is not too disappointed with this recent step of the government.

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