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Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

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Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

October 29
17:21 2014

Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Life Science (PML) industry continues to evolve more dynamically with key market opportunities in hand.

Key Drivers:

  • Rate and pace of portfolio commoditization
  • Shift in stakeholder influence at market level
  • Growing scrutiny of regulatory bodies and the growing criticality of offering value
  • Requirements to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in commercial practices overall
  • Misallocation and misalignment of promotional spending

“Due to evolution, commercial execution is being probed and fit for future purpose; however progression is at low pace.”

PML Industry is predominately operating under common objectives:

  • Launch into a changing and emerging market more effectively
  • Explore new efficiency and effectiveness in current commercial model
  • Evaluate and develop new marketing strategies based on major and emerging markets scenario
  • Align marketing strategies across pharmerging markets while addressing major markets that are flat to declining in opportunity
  • Find new sources of growth and align commercial, R&D and investment decision in the best way
  • Irrespective of the market scenario, field force has been the major thrust; but market changes has increased the need for a solid multi-channel strategy

“Irrespective of the market scenario, field force has been the major source of revenue to the company; however, market changes has increased the need for a dynamic-practical multichannel strategy”

Questions for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Life Science players

  • “Which alternative channels are being used currently? Globally? By whom?”
  • “What are the benefits and costs of alternate channels?”
  • “Will traditional ways of promoting products to be replaced? To what extent? By what means?”
  • “If so, is there a first mover advantage, or should we wait until leading models emerge?”
  • “Are there regulations and/or legal restrictions for choosing new channels?”
  • “Do we use one multichannel strategy for the whole portfolio or customized approach for each product/product group?”
  • “How do we integrate with current marketing group, measure success and ROI?”

Multichannel Marketing Solutions:

  • Health Care Practitioner (HCP) information and insights derived from such an effort will help to maximize brand strategy and segmentation while allowing for reinforcement of brand messages, particularly where direct-to-consumer advertising also is leveraged.
  • A well-devised strategy can help to appropriately identify and recognize key HCPs across multiple channels.
  • Channel integration and a multi-touch point strategy can deliver a differentiated customer experience for each HCP (Cadence and frequency are important to story flow).
  • Channel innovation – using best practice and the best technologies – provides for a seamless delivery of the desired customer experience. That is the communication mix for HCPs can be optimized using intelligent business rules based on expressed and observed preferences and usage.
  • Coordinated channel execution supports the design, delivery, monitoring and measurement of solutions for HCPs. Using best practices helps ensure better return rates and measurements.
  • Keeping HCPs engaged exclusively with the brand, in addition to engaging them in related non-branded channels sponsored by the manufacturer, will support a measurable ROI

Multi-Channel Marketing Key Success Factors:

  • Align to the brand strategy and creative platform while integrating direct marketing tenets and channel best practices
  • Incorporate a segmentation strategy that considers product lifecycle, prescribing behavior, motivational attributes and rep call pattern
  • Motivate segment-specific behavioral changes through differences in messages and offers
  • Deliver the message through an integrated mix of channels while considering the HCP’s channel preference
  • Consider the company’s channel capabilities
  • Deliver a measurable business impact

About Us:

Global Vox Populi (ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and ESOMAR Corporate Member) is a leading Global Data Collection, Market Research, Analytics and Consulting firm.

We are experienced providers of:

  • Aerospace Market Research
  • Automotive Market Research
  • Life Science Market Research
  • Chemical Market Research
  • Construction Market Research
  • Consumer Goods Market Research
  • Education Market Research
  • Energy and Power Market Research
  • Engineering Market Research
  • Financial Market Research
  • Food and Beverage Market Research
  • Healthcare Market Research
  • Hospital Market Research
  • Hospitality Market Research
  • Entertainment Market Research
  • Medical Devices Market Research
  • Metals and Mining Market Research
  • Oil and Gas Market Research
  • Pharmaceutical Market Research
  • Retail Market Research
  • Telecommunication Market Research
  • Transportation Market Research
  • Travel and Tourism Market Research

Global Vox Populi Multi-Country Presence: Global Vox Populi conducts Market Research across the following nations:

  • Market Research in India
  • Market Research in UAE
  • Market Research in Turkey
  • Market Research in Sri Lanka
  • Market Research in Oman
  • Market Research in Bangladesh
  • Market Research in Kuwait
  • Market Research in Iran
  • Market Research in Bahrain
  • Market Research in Colombia
  • Market Research in Egypt
  • Market Research in China
  • Market Research in Singapore
  • Market Research in Malaysia
  • Market Research in Indonesia
  • Market Research in Thailand
  • Market Research in Australia
  • Market Research in Taiwan
  • Market Research in Qatar
  • Market Research in Vietnam
  • Market Research in Hong Kong
  • Market Research in Japan
  • Market Research in South Korea
  • Market Research in Philippines
  • Market Research in Saudi Arabia
  • Market Research in UK
  • Market Research in Germany
  • Market Research in Spain
  • Market Research in France
  • Market Research in Italy
  • Market Research in USA
  • Market Research in Russia

For more information, contact: [email protected]

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