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Skin Care Turns Vital as Winter to Knock at the Door Soon

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Skin Care Turns Vital as Winter to Knock at the Door Soon

October 29
15:09 2014

skinNew Delhi, Wednesday, October 29 – Winter season is all set to knock at the door in the national capital. Post Diwali festival, the frosty feel during the early hours is giving hint to the inhabitants that they may have to put on layers in next to no time given a rapid change is probable to be observed in the couple of weeks.

Winter arrives with several skin problems. Despite the fact that the weather gives soothing feel to mind and soul but causes a tad discomfort to the skin, which needs moisturizer to prevent it from cracking and even bleeding. To keep skin soft and smooth is a bigger challenge during this season as skin feels dry and a tad stretched.  In order to steer clear of this issue, apply a good quality moisturizer at least twice a day. A proper moisturising is a fruitful solution as it provides indispensable nourishment to face, hands, legs, neck, back and stomach for the whole day.

Soft and silky skin is what everyone dreams to have naturally, but extreme pollution and change in climatic conditions snatch away the body moisture, leaving it lusterless. To avoid this, people need to select cream as per their skin type. A wide array of body lotions and face creams is easily available in the market to help customers fight with winter dryness. Skin care in the period when frosty winds are ready to take away the sheen is not too difficult when one start applying creams which are rich in glycerin, soyabean oil and mineral oil a bit early.

Start bathing with slightly warm water. Skipping shower in winter is not going to come up with any solution. In fact, this makes skin look dull. Improper care and irregular bathing habit can lead your skin fight with a number of skin troubles for instance itching, pimples and skin dandruffs. Make sure you pour 3 to 4 drops of olive, almond or coconut oil to maintain smoothness of the skin.

Pay attention to feet care as well because if these crack, the pain would be tough to bear. Foot care creams lend a hand in healing the cracks within three to four weeks. Opt for some home remedies also that could show magical change on the legs. Manicure and foot massage will be helpful. Say a big no to soaps as its extreme usage could lead your skin feel dry. Homemade packs are perfect, offering softness as you would expect. A regular massage with baby oil or mustard keeps body warm and shiny. To keep skin troubles at the bay, it is important how one approaches to start winter season on a happy note.

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