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Spread Education to Bring Massive Change in the Society

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Spread Education to Bring Massive Change in the Society

October 28
16:44 2014

education.jpg1New Delhi, Tuesday, October 28 – Education is important for all. Lacking it would not take people anywhere. Knowledge is the real power. Without know-how over several subjects, it is impossible to attain big goals in life. It is the key to success. There is no age to learn new things and it is never late to hone skills to stand out amid others.

If education is so pivotal then why our hearts do not bleed seeing small kids being employed in different households to accomplish the domestic chores. Children are future of the nation. It is a blessing for the kids who are able to go to the schools and learn distinct forms of art with each passing day. However, what about the underprivileged kids who do not have enough resources to study or even manage two times meal for a day? The hands which were supposed to hold pens and make country’s future bright are left with no option but to follow the instructions of their employers every now and then.

It wouldn’t be justified to expect them to be proficient in various works and opt for an education program if there stomachs are hungry. Perhaps the time has come when youngsters need to bring massive change in the society and nothing is unattainable for them for the reason that they have the passion to do something beyond expectations. If education is spread in a right way from the right source then none can stop India to keep on producing engineers, doctors, pilots, scientists, capable politicians, artists, mass leaders and so on.

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