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Pollution Post Diwali Makes Kids, Elderly People Feel Sick

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Pollution Post Diwali Makes Kids, Elderly People Feel Sick

October 27
16:12 2014

Diwali crackersNew Delhi, Monday, October 27 – The festival of lights Diwali was celebrated joyfully across the nation. Some chose to spend the auspicious occasion by illuminating their homes with diyas, lanterns & candles and taking ahead the idea of ‘green Diwali’, while several people burst noisy crackers, which further gave rise to deluge of garbage, together with empty bottles that were used to fire rockets.

Despite knowing the fact that the smog is harmful for respiratory system due to the spreading of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide in the environment, kids and youngsters seemed keen to burn firecrackers, naming it a pivotal Diwali tradition. The national capital got covered under a thick smoke as soon as the rate of bursting crackers kept on increasing with each passing minute.

As per recent reports, the ratio of people showing signs of respiratory and cardiac diseases have increased in the city and those who are affected the most by Diwali pollution are newborns, children and elderly people. Fine particles of toxic gases emitted by different crackers have created a lot of problems for the asthma patients as well. Staffs of health care centres were busy to lessen down their complications through right medications on the festive day and even after that. ‘The numbers of suffers may soar a bit if rain and high-speed wind do not clear smog in the coming days’, said a doctor of reputed hospital.

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