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Vegetables’ Prices to Pinch Customers Pocket another Time!

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Vegetables’ Prices to Pinch Customers Pocket another Time!

October 27
15:30 2014

vegetable.jpg1New Delhi, Monday, October 27 – Survival of the common people doesn’t appear to be going easy in any way. It hasn’t been a week that they were able to pick desired vegetables from the market and that too in required quantity. But as of now, scenario seems a little bit changed this time for the reason that carrots were costing around Rs 110 to Rs 120 per kilo, which is far beyond the reach of buyers.

Not only this veggie but also cauliflower, cabbage, lemon and lady finger are also all set to burn hole in the pocket of customers. Despite the fact that prices of onions, potato and tomatoes remained in the range of Rs 30 to Rs 40 as per the quality, other kitchen staples are likely to disturb the kitchen budget.  The costs of salad ingredients for instance cucumber, radish and beetroot have gotten a little bit up, which is adequate to annoy the masses. Green leafy vegetables are also priced up. If truth be told then people have the opportunity to try out different cuisines with the help of the elements which are easy on the pocket but it is gonna be a tad hard for them to prepare something delicious to relish during or after the meals.

Despite the fact that the government, which is just a few month old, made commendable efforts to shed the prices of vegetables and fuel, it is apparent that consumers are unable to hunt for any breather from increase in the rates eddoe, mushrooms, beans, brinjal, shallots, bitter gourd, bottle gourd etc. that are forcing then to shell out a lot above the normal price. Winter season is ready to knock at the doors and this is generally the time when vegetables are reasonably priced. However, it is surprising to see that access of common elements needed to add to the taste & flavor of a number of dishes is turning out a difficult task. At least, a few things are in control otherwise inflated rates could have hit the final nail in the coffin, disabling the general public to buy as much as stuffs they require to fill hungry stomachs.

The current situation may not be called ideal but the way costs of several items have been trimmed under Narendra Modi’s rule is taken into consideration by the buyers. Middle and lower classes are able to tackle with the severe attack of inflation to some extent for the reason that stocks of various crops are reaching traders on time. Thanks to appropriate supply, rates of more than a few veggies still fall in budget. Before hikes in the cost of vegetables per kilo forced them to think twice prior to the purchase, they are making efforts to accumulate those components which can taste better even after storing. In the midst of confusion over the rates, they are certainly under the threat of inflation once again.

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