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Migrating to Quebec but Settling in Other Provinces

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Migrating to Quebec but Settling in Other Provinces

October 24
23:50 2014

Quebec Provincial Immigration
In Order to beat the rush and to immigrate faster to Canada, Often Immigrants opt for immigration to provinces where no immigrant wishes to land. These provinces have low population, lesser job or business opportunities and poor infrastructure

Canadian Government encourages immigration to such provinces. However Immigrants after getting such Provincial Immigration often make way to other popular destinations as BC, Alberta or Toronto

24 October 2014, Surrey BC: Ottawa is taking action against immigrants that promise to settle in the province but end up staying in other parts of Canada. A new guideline made by Citizenship and Immigration department allows Ottawa government to issue warning letters to such cheaters, threatening to take away their permanent resident status. Experts term this kind of cheating by immigrants ‘trampolining’ as they make use of immigration program of a province but shuttle to another province of their liking. Ottawa is trying to weed out such immigrants.

Canadian provinces are free to select immigrants in the economic category to fulfill the shortage of skilled workers in Canadian economy. In return for the immigrant visa, these immigrants promise to settle in the province where they are selected. This is why it is not proper and ethical for an immigrant to come to Canada and then move to any other province to settle down. The database of immigrants in Canada reveals that nearly 11% of one million immigrants that arrived in the country and started to file tax returns actually shifted base and moved to a region different from the province they promised to settle and work.

As far as Quebec is concerned, more than 14% of the immigrants arriving here end up settling in other provinces. To combat this problem, authorities are sending back immigrants when they fail to provide details of their accommodation arrangement in their declared destination. Such immigrants approach the courts, but so far, courts are siding with the border officials. Under the new guidelines, immigration officials of Quebec have been ordered to snoop upon immigrants selected by the government to find out if they have a mailing address outside the province.

Under Quebec entrepreneur program, an immigrant has to stay for at least 12 months inside the province in the first three years of his arrival in Canada. These immigrants are also required to look after the day-to-day operations of the enterprise where they work. As far as capital requirements are concerned, the foreign investor immigrants have to invest no less than $100000 or own minimum 25% shares of a company in Quebec. has been fulfilling dreams of all the young achievers by helping them migrate & settle in Canada. For all the latest News, views, information, life, help lines & lifestyle of Canada.

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