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Does BJP’s Win in ‘2 States’ Symbolize A Massive Change in the Mob’s Thinking?

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Does BJP’s Win in ‘2 States’ Symbolize A Massive Change in the Mob’s Thinking?

October 21
17:00 2014

modi newNew Delhi, Tuesday, October 21 – It is Bharatiya Janata Party that logged victory in Haryana and Maharashtra by winning 47 and 122 seats, respectively. The saffron party’s success in these two states is massive and commendable for the reason that as compared to the 2009 polls, it gained 43 seats in Haryana and 76 seats in Maharashtra.

The victory was pretty much expected especially when Modi magic gripped a number of countrymen after listening to his mass connecting speeches he delivered on more than a few occasions. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that his efforts have made the mob rely on his governance.

The way BJP-led National Democratic Alliance won Lok Sabha Polls will remembered for generations to come and of course, by the parties which faced humiliating defeat by getting only a few seats. Indian National Congress, the party that ruled the nation for a decade being in the Centre, attained only some of the seats that was absolutely shocking to notice.  However, the majority predicted the outcome of the elections that held during the month of April and May.

The defeat what congress saw in this year’s election was due to no control over rising prices of household goods. Right from vegetables, fruits, liquid petroleum gas, milk, fuel and basic items needed in the day to day life reached to the zenithal. It was actually impossible for the common man to lead a normal life. Whenever he stepped outside his house to buy required stuffs, he either had to compromise on the quantity or shell out lion’s share of his money, which he earned by pouring hard work.

Narendra Modi and his leaders gained reliance in the hearts of voters by effectively putting forward a number of steps, which were used to be parts of paper work only. Expectations of the general public from the new government are surely up as they showed immense faith by casting their votes in favor of BJP. And, it is somehow prominent that the party would leave no stone unturned to fulfill the promises it made. It would be interesting to watch what happens next.

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