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Multiply Happiness Not Pollution this Festive Season

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Multiply Happiness Not Pollution this Festive Season

October 21
09:52 2014

diwali smogNew Delhi, Tuesday, October 21 – Only a couple of days are left for Diwali, which is the festival of lights, crackers, sweets, fun, laughter and blessings. The five-day long festival kicks off from Dhanteras and comes to an end on Bhai Dooj. It is an occasion that makes people come close to their family and friends and have a good time sharing happiness together. In the midst of joy, the bitter side of this festive season can’t be kept at the bay as it directly harms our health and environment.

Since several inhabitants enjoy bursting of the crackers and seeing skies getting illuminated by rockets, the glee ends up by witnessing excessive pollution in the air. As a matter of fact the masses have become lot more aware about smog. The pros and cons of burning crackers is well understood. Without a doubt, an array of crackers adds to the feel of Diwali and enhances the view but it is not going to be beneficial in any regards.

On one hand, there are several people who aren’t hesitant of splurging when it comes to get a variety of fire crackers, which spurt in colors or threaten everyone for a while due to noise. While on the other hand, there are quite a lot of families that make their kids know about the aftermath effect of burning crackers and encourage them to use the money, what they would have spent to buy noisy bombs, for a good cause.

If a comparison is made between the household carrying two distinct thoughts then obviously, maximum votes will be given to the latter one. It is surprising to see that the common people feel better on Diwali only when they hear loud noises of bursting crackers. Their biggest joy is to scare people in their neighborhoods from a loud bang. They impart their role to increase pollution in our surroundings which is not at all good for the survival of living creatures.

Noisy crackers are not good for health of newly born babies and elderly & sick populace. Not only for them, several pets and stray animals get frightened with the noise but who actually cares! The only thing people search is their enjoyment and contentment. No compromises can be made on these parts. However, this sort of attitude can’t be said right since humans are social animals by nature and society is indispensable for our survival. Rather than being a reason of disturbance, it is far better to learn something good which can further help them grow as a person who is always ready to contribute as much as possible whenever things related to growth of the humanity are concerned.

Throughout Diwali, the degree of suspended particles terrifyingly increases thanks to bursting crackers, which is absolutely dangerous for the atmosphere. Crackers emit smoke, giving rise to ‘air pollution’. If one breathes in this environment then he is supposed to inhale as sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, magnesium oxide and carbon monoxide that can make them unwell.

The bursting of crackers adds to global warming too. Diseases related with respiratory system soars during this period, dampening the festive spirit. Magnesium oxide causes metal fume fever while copper compounds create irritation in the respiratory tract of the body. Beside this, carbon monoxide reduces oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. In the nutshell, chances of falling body ill are higher at this instant. The best is to say clear no to burning crackers. Be safe this Diwali and lend a hand to create a safer place to live for generations to come. Let us unite together and make it an occasion to exchange love, happiness and gifts.

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