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Fast Food Mania May Spoil Health in the Long Run, Says Study

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Fast Food Mania May Spoil Health in the Long Run, Says Study

October 20
15:35 2014

food packedNew Delhi, Monday, October 20 – Here is the time when fast food lovers might give a second thought before munching pizzas, pasta, noodles, beverages, burgers and chips. If a latest study is to be reported then ill effects of junk food could be huge if one doesn’t stop its regular consumption.

The ratio of obese people is increasing with each passing day for the reason that eating habits are getting changed. Except the elderly people, kids and office goers enjoy relishing new flavors of Chinese and Italian food during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is surprising to see that even homemakers are least interested to spend time in the kitchenette to cook healthy meals. Instead of forcing their family to learn the advantages of having sprouts, milk, vegetable juice or soup, oatmeal, pulses, chapatti, beans and tofu on a regular basis, they get their job done by serving ‘quick to make’ pasta and other fast foodstuffs. An eye must be kept on the regular intake of calories. Rather than letting refined flour go inside frequently, people must try to search for healthy options like wholegrain food and protein rich diet, the research revealed further.

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