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Does Massive Turnout in Election Symbolize a Real Change?

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Does Massive Turnout in Election Symbolize a Real Change?

October 17
15:40 2014

VOTING1New Delhi, Friday, October 17 – A huge change has been observed in the mind-set of the voters. Now, instead of staying inside their residences, they choose to take a step forward and cast their ballot. As compared to the elections that were held a few years ago, the figures in 2014’s polls are surprising. It was massive turnout in Lok Sabha Polls that made Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance taste the humongous victory by taking 336 seats out of 543 seats.

The way youngsters took part in the biggest festival of democracy is commendable, but most interesting was to notice elderly people keeping the hot & humid weather conditions in a side and reaching polling booths to use their power to vote. Voting is imperative for all the nations and story is no different for India as well. Participation of voters belonging to different castes, backgrounds and regions to an unbelievable extent makes at least one thing clear that people in no condition want to deal with inflation every second day and wish to elect a government that could function for their well being in the best way possible.

In order to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha, polling took place in 9 phases. Millions of electors voted to decide the fate of 8,251 candidates. 66.38 percent of election turnout was adequate to tell the world that residents are in no mood to be ruled by a group of leaders who has nothing got to do with basic issues what general public faces on a daily basis. The key cause behind Congress Party’s poor show in the lately held election was no control over the inflation. Costs of onion hit the mark of Rs 100 in some states last year, while other kitchen staples also went beyond the reach of lower & middle classes.

Their ‘not responding’ attitude hit the final nail in the coffin. Modi magic certainly helped the mob to mull over a possible change. It was his ability to connect with the masses that made BJP put its best foot forward. Many candidates won from their constituencies for the reason that people wanted to see the saffron party log a victory in a manner that it should be remembered by generations to come. Since Haryana and Maharashtra lately went to polls, people ensured they are not going to give it a miss.

On one hand, Haryana witnessed 76 percent turnout, which is impressive, while on the other hand and the average 63.4 percent attendance was observed in Maharashtra. As per exit polls, BJP seems to win in both the states. If this happens then various other contesting parties will have to plan for new things and promising manifestos to fetch attention of the voters. BJP’s success will surely draw attention to the constructive side that common man is up for a change and ensures his contribution in the progress of nation.

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