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Household Chores Inadequate to Shed Extra Pounds, Says Study

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Household Chores Inadequate to Shed Extra Pounds, Says Study

October 17
13:12 2014

excercise.jpg1New Delhi, Friday, October 17 – Every human being thinks of spending a healthy life, sporting dynamic energy and good physique. There is nothing weird to think so since an ideal body, stress free mind & a relaxed soul are the key sources that let human being hit the new peaks and taste success in life at different time intervals. However, a number of people in India are overweight, which is alone sufficient to give rise to several health issues, and the pace of kids getting plump is adding to the problems.

Carelessness towards weight multiplies the problem. If one wishes to see his extra pounds disappear as early as possible then a lot of things and weight loss tricks are to be done and followed. The intensity of difficulty actually increases when people have tires around waist area and extra kilos on arms & thighs, making them look bulky. All things considered, when someone starts getting obese, trouble starts from that particular point only.

Many inhabitants think household chores lend a hand in reducing excessive weight for the reason that tasks like sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing utensils, cleaning clothes, preparing food etc involve too much of strength and hard work. But if a recent study is to be believed then though both men and women might observe losing an inch or two after engaging themselves in handling domestic chores, proper workout is still important.

None wishes to be round as it not only spoils the look but also make populace suffer from more than a few problems. Unwanted weight must be lost by spending at least 20 to 30 minutes in the gym and practicing yoga as a minimum of 4 days in a week. To fight with chubbiness, burn calories through cycling, walking and running. These are the best methods to own a balanced weight and stunning figure. Apart from exercising well, people must not ignore the kinds of stuffs they take in on a daily basis. Rather than surviving on extra oily parantha, fritters, fried dishes, consumption of fruits juices, nuts, milk products, cottage cheese, leafy vegetables and sprouts could be helpful in maintaining the body equation.

To own a good health is the biggest asset in the current time. Not having adequate sleep in the night could also add to the body weight. No matter how busy residents are to accomplish certain things, no compromises should be made over 8 hours sleep. Health is wealth. If it is lost, nothing can be achieved. So, in the fast running life, it is our responsibility to manage the entire day through a proper to-do list, which must comprise fair distribution of time over workout sessions, eating and sleeping. The best secret mantra for a disease free life is to separate from conventional health practices and do things in an organized manner, the research revealed further.

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