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Are Illiteracy & Unemployment the Root Causes of All Crimes?

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Are Illiteracy & Unemployment the Root Causes of All Crimes?

October 16
14:38 2014

rape1New Delhi, Thursday, October 16 – Why is it unsafe to move at a newer place packing all the luggage? Why people want to stay near to their hometown and avoid shifting to a new city? Since a number of places in the country are turning out to be crime cities, the masses opt for a ‘no’ whenever opportunity related to job and further study comes in front all of a sudden.

Not only the national capital but also other states are unsafe to live. The cases of murder, acid attacks, rape, child abduction and theft seem to be gaining foothold all across the nation. It is absolutely surprising to see several youngsters committing the crime despite being aware of the maximum punishment they could get in the future if found guilty once the criminal charge is laid.

A million dollar question arises here; what exactly motivates people to get involved in unlawful acts. The way rape incidents have surged is absolutely shocking. Elderly women, school goers and even kids of nursery classes faced molestation by their relatives, teachers and unknowns. Face of crime could be different but it is a felony and whoever commits it must be punished as hard as possible. Crime never pays. No matter how intelligently one plans of harming some individuals, kin and friends due to jealousy or any other XYZ reasons, sooner or later he/she will be punished by law.

Why ratio of crime keeps going up? Isn’t our society efficient to guide growing kids in an ideal manner? In most of the cases, men commit crime. It doesn’t mean at all that ladies are able to steer clear of the same. Of course, they do and shouldn’t be spared at any cost if charges are proved right. There is a need to teach good lessons to our children. If a boy is not respecting his mother or sisters, expecting him to respect other women isn’t justified. Increasing school dropout rates is adequate to point out the fact that teenagers are either least interested to study further or their families were inefficient in paying high fees.

Whatever be the key reason, it is apparent that illiteracy is going to hit final nail in the coffin. When one’s education is not good, he is not going to mark an entry in a reputed institution for higher studies. Moreover, lacking knowledge, they would fail to crack interviews of  the multi national companies. At the end, he would be left with no option other than to waste his precious time here and there, doing unconstructive things. Believe it or not but it is true that when people are busy in accomplishing different office or domestic chores and searching jobs to earn their bread and butter, their minds aren’t distracted. Crime happens where there is nothing to do.

Jobless youths spend their time outside school, college or coaching areas, increasing the numbers of eve teasing. In contrast, most of the rapes by ill-minded people prove that moral education exists nowhere except in the books. There are several cases where people sitting at the top-positions, holding expertise in different areas, have committed this offense. Nothing remains to speak at this stage! Let populace know of their own what is right and wrong. Until and unless, the fine line between the two wouldn’t be recognized, pace of crime will only speed up. The government should boost education even in remote zones and try to create employment so that attention could be paid on constructive area. If this happens at desired rate, who knows India becomes a safer country to live. Let us hope for the best.

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