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Is This the Right Time to Buy Gold?

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Is This the Right Time to Buy Gold?

October 15
17:24 2014

silver2New Delhi, Wednesday, October 15 – Jewelries are not only women’s best friend but also of men and investors. A huge change has been noticed in the mind-set of the masses as people belonging to different classes and genders couldn’t stop themselves from buying a number of fashionable trinkets, rings, chains, armlets, anklets and bracelets.

Despite the fact that eyes can’t be taken off from the truth that inconsistency in the price of yellow metal has made buyers to think twice before making the final payment, natural affection for it hasn’t reduced. This is the reason why selling of the gold increases during the wedding season and festive period.

Since both occasions allow people to buy artistic ornaments in gold and silver, it becomes difficult for the traders, industrial units and jewelers to match up the demand. Though customers need to shell a bit extra money when entire nation is all set to enjoy a few festivals and some families to host marriage functions, buying yellow and silver metal would end up with a constructive result. ‘The only point one needs to keep in mind prior to purchasing the gold is its purity. If it is purchased wisely then pay money for gold could be an ideal investment’, said a market expert.

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