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Veggies Rates Slip Slightly in the Capital; Customers Anticipate More Respite

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Veggies Rates Slip Slightly in the Capital; Customers Anticipate More Respite

October 14
16:29 2014

onions 3New Delhi, Tuesday, October 14 – Thanks to the massive rise in rates right from the onset of new month, the masses had to shell out lots of sums to get proper amount of vegetables and fruits, to meet their family needs. The increase inflated due to 9-day long Durga puja festival, followed by Dussehra, making buyers leave required items in the market only.

Vast increase was observed in the prices of potato and tomato. However, a week after these festivals, rates of tomato have dropped from Rs. 50 to Rs 40, potato from Rs 35 to Rs 30 and onions from Rs 40 to Rs 30 per kilogram.

Considerable drop has been observed in some other kitchen staples for example bottle guard, pumpkin, zucchini, lady finger, spinach etc. as well. Reasonable pricing has allowed buyers to make purchasing in bulk. Despite the fact that the slump is not ideal enough and is adequate to burn a hole in consumer’s pocket, the inhabitants of the capital are pleased to at least save a little bit from their hard-earned money. Before surging rates of vegetables take its toll on everyone as festive season is not yet over and Dhanteras, Diwali & Bhai Dooj are to fall next week, maximum buyers are planning to stock up the veggies which could remain fresh for a long time without much ado.

The mob is heaving a sigh of relief as they predict rates to come down post celebration period. Seasonal rainfall in crop producing states may also impart huge role in improving the output and let vendors match up the soaring demand. Residents may not have to compromise on the quantity in view of the fact that veggie prices are probable to be stable and not to skyrocket. Predicting the possible up and down in the rates, people are ready to relish their favorite food as early as possible.

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