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Time to Learn Significance of Greenery and Gift Better Surroundings to Future Generations for Smooth Survival

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Time to Learn Significance of Greenery and Gift Better Surroundings to Future Generations for Smooth Survival

October 14
11:04 2014

treesNew Delhi, Tuesday, October 14 – India’s population is getting bigger with each passing day. No effective measures seemed to be followed in this regard that may further lead to massive problems. Since no control over it is apparent, incalculable issues are soaring that would certainly have horrendous results in the near future. One of the major troubles due to rising populace is diminishing of the green zone.

In view of the fact that several people have bikes and personal cars, which require lots of space for parking in or around their apartment, shopping complexes, metro stations, parking zones of the nearby market, bar, food joints and hotels. Business class families who can splurge and afford buying separate cars for each family member are indirectly causing a number of problems for generations to come. To have around two to three cars at home means extra space for parking which will be created by only by cutting of the trees. It is extremely surprising to see children striving for a playground. For the reason that most of the open areas are used for car parking, hardly any space is left for greenery!

The ratio of greener space is coming down by degrees. And this has happened because trees and shrubs were cut with the intention of establishing industrial areas, office premises and residential structures. In spite of the fact that deforestation leads to severe problems, builders and contractors of various states are busy in chopping down several trees, continuing their construction work via which chances of pocketing huge benefits gets the boost. There are countless advantages of plantation. Since trees hold soil, they prevent surface of particular regions from heavy showers or floods. This is the key reason why mountains remain as it is post rains. As soon as trees of the hilly areas start to collapse, it would be next to impossible for the masses to have a miraculous escape from troublesome situation.

The calamity that took place in Uttarakhand last year in mid-June is still fresh in mind. The natural disaster took away hundreds of lives. Not only this, nonstop rainfall for more than a few hours brought irreparable loss to the property and public infrastructure. Although construction related tasks can fill up those gaps created between the roads and bridges but nothing can heal up the pain of the households who got separated with their loved ones forever.

If we are going to play with the nature, it is going to punish us harder. More than a few points could be jotted down as the major cause behind occurrence of destructive rainfall in the state but can eyes really be taken off the truth that ‘cutting of trees’ could be a prime reason! If this is true in any ways then whatever happened one-and-a-half years ago could be termed a man-made tragedy. We all must makeup our minds to face ecological imbalance which is the end result of destruction of forests. It is better to wake up as early as possible before it’s too late.

Trees not only offer shade to relax and make the countryside area look more attractive but also give life to every living creature. There is nothing wrong to gather comforting commodities, however, do not overlook their impact on the nature. The more trees you grow today, the safer will be future generations. So why to delay anymore? Ask your friends to join you in tree plating initiative and lend a hand to the countrymen to breathe fresh air.

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