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Social Networking Sites Kill Precious Time during Office Hours, Says Study

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Social Networking Sites Kill Precious Time during Office Hours, Says Study

October 10
18:18 2014

internetNew Delhi, Friday, October 10 – As soon as social networking sites for instance Twitter and Facebook came into being, huge change has been observed in the behaviors of internet users. Posting updates one after the other, sharing pictures & videos, liking snapshots and commenting on the same are killing precious time of the office people, whose first task after reaching workplace is to open their account and check what their family and friends are up to, said a recent study.

Citing the ill effects of this habit, it says a number of users get disappointed to see their colleagues enjoying family holiday at dream destination. Despite liking the pictures, they could not feel comfortable seeing others having fun at various places. It also points out that sticking to social media for a long time may lead to mental health issues and generate feeling of isolation especially amongst the growing kids.

Since the entire world seems to be connected with internet, the pace of sending friend request and expressing the real feeling through status updates has increased. In view of the fact that several employees spend around an hour or two on Facebook, the employers have asked them not access social networking sites. If truth be told, the managers keep an eagle eye on whether people are yet engaged in this activity or paying all heed to assigned task. Productivity and quality of work get affected due to frequent managing the social accounts. A few years back, lunch hours were usually spent with co-workers at a common place where humor and laughs had wider space. However, now same time is used up in signing Facebook as every employee likes to be seated on his table and be friends with the persons who is hardly familiar to him.

Eyes can’t be taken off the truth that internet and surfing social sites have brought huge change in our daily lives, but it is sole duty of every user to draw a line which could let them understand what will be good or bad if they continue to do so in the long run. Discipline is pivotal in online behavior when effective tools are in their hands to stay connected with the outside world, the research mentioned further.

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