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An Eye on Sodium Intake Vital to Keep Health Issues at the Bay, Says Study

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An Eye on Sodium Intake Vital to Keep Health Issues at the Bay, Says Study

October 09
16:57 2014

saltNew Delhi, Thursday, October 9 – In the fast running life, huge change in the eating habits has been observed. On one hand, a few skip their breakfast in a hurry, while on the other hand, many people find themselves with no option but to eat something unhealthy or salty for instance chips, biscuits and sandwiches at different time intervals.

Despite the fact that balanced intake of sodium is pivotal for health, people fail to care for themselves. Its excess can give birth to a number of problems related to health, mentioned a recent study.

If health experts’ point of view over the same it to be jotted down then the inhabitants with high blood pressure ought to trim down high-salt intake in their regular meals since its excess is likely to exaggerate multiple health issues for example chubbiness, thinning of bones or osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, kidney stones, endolymphatic hydrops, gastric ulcers, diabetes, stomach cancer, water retention and vascular dementia.

At the same time, it does not mean one should not stop including salt to overcome such ailments. The procedure of reducing inclusion of sodium in a variety of food or drinks should be done slowly that makes body ready to adopt the change. Balancing the flavor with aromatic herbs, along with salt, is the key to own a good health. Salty eatables, especially which are purchased from food stalls, may amplify Asthma or its symptom. In order to steer clear of such sort of serious illness, people must make efforts to consume only 6g salt per day, the research said further.

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