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Mild Showers, Breeze Bring Smiles on Delhi-NCR Residents’ Face

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Mild Showers, Breeze Bring Smiles on Delhi-NCR Residents’ Face

October 09
13:05 2014

rain in ncrNew Delhi, Thursday, October 9 – After facing the double attack of heat and humidity for almost a month, finally Delhi and NCR people got a slight respite from sultry summers a day ago.

Skies were clear from past so many days that made people bear the brunt of intolerable sun exposure, which gave the feel as if the skin was pierced. On the other hand, party cloudy sky added to humidity which alone created huge trouble for the masses especially during the 9-day long Navratri puja and Dussehra – when a number of inhabitants chose to step out of their residence to enjoy the festive mood.

However, scenario was vastly different on Wednesday when gentle wind started to blow right from the early morning. A hint of winter was observed in view of the fact that gust of air brought soothing comfort for the residents of the national capital and nearby areas. Though sunlight afternoon gave the sense as if probability of showers by the end of the day was never prominent but weather changed all of a sudden!

Gentle wind gave a lot comfort to the populace, however, dust storm was troublesome for those who were on the way home late yesterday. Mild showers were also witnessed in some parts of the city. Temperature dipped significantly at night, boosting the thought that sweaty summer is about to end. Nonetheless, if latest reports related to weather conditions are to be believed then hot and humid climate will keep disturbing the inhabitants at least for another week. Things might change to some extent given strong possibility of rain is expected on Tuesday.

If recent information from weather experts are to be trusted then slight drop in mercury will be observed soon but anticipating for sudden decrease in the heat intensity is not justified. Maximum and minimum temperatures in the national capital till Sunday are likely to vary  in the range of 37 degree Celsius – 32 degree Celsius and 23 degree Celsius – 21 degree Celsius, respectively. Wind will blow at the speed of 10 to 19 kilometer per hour during these days, to put a ceiling on warmer surroundings. Delhiites are expected to experience early winter by the month-end. As of now, scenario is predicted not to be as worse as it had been during the peak monsoon season when most of the regions faced drought-like situation.

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