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Patna Stampede Dampens Festive Spirit; Whom to Blame for Causalities!

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Patna Stampede Dampens Festive Spirit; Whom to Blame for Causalities!

October 07
14:44 2014

patnaNew Delhi, Tuesday, October 7 – Life is precious. This is a common saying what we all have heard from our parents and guardians at different stages. Everyone motivates his/her youngsters to live life to the fullest and festive season are pivotal in adding happiness in their existence on the planet. Festivals in India are generally celebrated together with a number of friends and family members.

Those who stay away from their loved ones to earn bread and butter or for further studies try their best to at least reunite during festive period and same thing happened this year as well. But what was the end result? Around 32 people left for the heavenly abode during Dussehra celebration at Gandhi Maidan in Patna when stampede broke out all of a sudden. As per the eyewitnesses, everything was running smooth and the mob enjoyed witnessing a taller effigy of Ravan burning into flames, however, the moment the rumor about electric supply line falling on the ground was spread, the crowd started to rush and made efforts to come out from the exit door pushing each other.

It was unfortunate that only a gate was open and it was next to impossible for almost 5 lakh residents to come out in one go. A number of men, women and children fell and were crushed to death under the feet of the masses. Many succumbed to their injuries and others were admitted to the hospital post meeting injury in head, hands, legs and stomach. The day when inhabitants were cheering in absolute joy, a sad incident took place, leaving them in deep trouble. Several kids were separated from their parents. Whom to blame for causalities? Should it be Chief Minister of Bihar Jitan Ram Manji, the organizers, the cops or the mismanagement? Why proper arrangements weren’t done to control massive gathering? Why nothing was done when residents began to jostle with each other to move ahead?

The blame game can be stretched further but what about those families who will not see their loved one ever again! If all things were planned in an appropriate manner when blueprint of holding the event was made, scenario would have been a little bit different today. Patna people would have enjoyed the carnival as similar to other states had attention been poured over bigger as well as smaller aspects. Those who struck in such tragedy take a lot of time to overcome the shock. Since minor efforts by responsible authorities are important to successfully conduct eminent events, their prime concern must be safety of the visitors, who step out of their house to take home happy memories but left with no option other than to return with irreparable loss.

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