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New Month Arrives with Scorching Heat; People Sweat on Dussehra

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New Month Arrives with Scorching Heat; People Sweat on Dussehra

October 06
13:18 2014

sweatingNew Delhi, Monday, October 6 – It has been more than a few days when new month knocked at the doors, however, temperature in the national capital, together with several other regions, kept annoying the masses. Despite the fact that a slight change in the weather is observed late evening, days are hotter. Residents are waking up to a sunny mornings and most of them have no hopes of experiencing good rainfall in the coming days thanks to intense heat right from early morning.

Humidity has been a key source of causing trouble for the Delhi people. On the occasion of Dussehra, which is generally considered a period when mild winds usually start to give the feel that winter season is all set to arrive, the mob sweated. In view of the fact that a lot of citizens who stepped out of their house to see Ravan’s effigies set on fire, witness the beauty of Goddess Durga in pandals and the light works were left with no option but to keep wiping away the sweat to stay cool. But this was next to impossible given that huge gathering on the roads added to dampness.

As far as today’s climatic conditions are concerned then maximum and minimum temperatures are likely to be 37 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius, respectively. No escape from humidity is seen. Slight overcast may be observed but those who expect rain to occur would be disappointed at the end as there is no chance of rain. On Tuesday, some parts of the metropolis are probable to observe 20 percent rainfall, nonetheless, it is not supposed to bring huge comfort for the general public. Throughout this week, higher temperature would swing in between 32 degree Celsius and 36 degree Celsius. Days will mostly be sunlight, putting a ceiling on the hopes of showers or a little bit low temperature. Mugginess in the surrounding will be diminished in the coming days but not up to a great extent.

If reports from weathermen are to be trusted then intensity of heat might reduce by the end of October. However, inhabitants will perhaps see no sign of soothing season except the early sunset. Not to forget that rain has been uneven during peak monsoon this year and that is why most of the Indian states are reeling under heat even today. ‘Populace should take a good care in this period as possibility of meeting seasonal health issues is higher. Instead of taking in outside food, which is prepared in unhygienic manner, focus should be paid on the home foodstuffs that are healthy and tasty, said a renowned health expert.

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