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Veggies Rates Slightly Come Down Post Navratri Festival

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Veggies Rates Slightly Come Down Post Navratri Festival

October 06
14:20 2014

Vegetable PricesNew Delhi, Monday, October 6 – People were actually fed up of spending a lion’s share of their hard-earned money on the purchasing of kitchen staples for past more than a few weeks. A slight relief has lately been observed by them when rates of several vegetables recently came down to some extent.

Customers heaved a sigh of relief late last week as rates of common veggies dropped, though, a little bit. Tomato and potato – the commonly used eatables during Navratri festival, skidded from Rs 50 and Rs 40 to Rs 40-45 and Rs 35, respectively. Insignificant drop was observed in the rates of bottle gourd, cauliflower, sweet potato and lady finger. Cost of onion and garlic remained stable in a number of regions thanks to limited demand on the account of Durga puja.

On the other hand, prices of peas have not yet fallen in the feasible range. In most of the vegetable markets, it is sold at Rs 120 per kilo. Carrot is priced at Rs 80 and expected to slump only after few days when stock of the same would start reaching the market in bulk. Since most of the veggies are reasonably priced in winter months, the mob can expect massive decline in the rates. Apart from witnessing decrease in the value of various taste enhancing vegetables, a considerable drop has been observed in fruits as well. Bananas, apples, pears, watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges and grapes were purchased in desired quantity thanks to lower cost.

Despite the fact that mild relief from inflation is observed but that may last up to a couple of weeks. Prices are likely to pinch pocket of the customers during Diwali as well. As of now, quite a lot of households will be able to meet their daily needs without compromising on the quantity. By the time vendors keep getting the stock from the suppliers at different time intervals, rates will remain low. Nonetheless, picture might be a tad different as soon as festive period comes nearer.

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