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Artist Interview – Contemporary Artist Junzhong Zhao’s New Exploration in Abstract Art

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Artist Interview – Contemporary Artist Junzhong Zhao’s New Exploration in Abstract Art

December 26
19:21 2022

The following is a NOAPS art reporter’s thoughts on art after interviewing contemporary artist Junzhong Zhao . The NOAPS reporter learned that in 2022, the artist Junzhong Zhao has been continuously invited to participate in contemporary art group exhibitions and solo exhibitions in Britain, France, and China, as well as participating in many international art competitions in the United States and has won many painting awards, art excellence awards, and gold awards. Wait. In addition, the artist Junzhong Zhao  is a member of the American NOAPS Association, so the reporter couldn’t wait to interview the artist Zhao Junzhong, and wrote an article about Junzhong Zhao ‘s creative inspiration from the artist’s interview and creative inspiration.

Junzhong Zhao “Hidden 10” acrylic on canvas, size 300x200cm, creation year 2020

Junzhong Zhao regards artistic creation as the painting language of life form, not external work; it is the interaction between life and painting, forming an autopoiesis interactive network, a kind of Autopoiesis (autopoiesis) as mentioned by modern cognitive science The network dynamic system, the spontaneous transformation of painting, is to repeatedly produce its own network through the interaction of brushstrokes, and realize the mutual induction of each element in the emergent whole, both in the network and through it, and can also Keeping free patrols on the border inspires possible tendencies that continue to emerge.

Junzhong Zhao ‘s work title “Hidden 35”, size 60×30cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021

Junzhong Zhao ‘s work title “Hidden 40”, size 60×30cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021

The artist himself believes that a mature painter is in this era of increasingly virtual and network intertwined, constructing the self-created formal language of individual life forms, and inventing his own emergent vitality and imaginative space.

After many years of creating imagery landscape oil paintings, Junzhong Zhao began to explore a more pure painting language. The artist himself began to abandon images and completely abandon the previous techniques, starting from simple lines, which are strictly speaking “line symbols”. Starting from the basic elements, it is a short line, a broken line, and endless repetition. Because of the subtle changes in brush strokes and the dexterity brought by the artist after countless repetitions, a dense and colorful net world is formed inside the picture. The world of shapes is the life form of the individual artist and the emergent form of self-creation.

Junzhong Zhao ‘s work title “Hidden 24”, size 60×30cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021

Junzhong Zhao ‘s work title “Hidden 28”, size 60×30cm, acrylic on canvas, 2021

The difference in thickness of the line symbols, the transparency in the interweaving and superposition, the construction and occlusion of the depth illusion, the strength of the brush strokes give rise to the paradoxical perception inside and outside, the strength of the color forms a complex and rhythmic change, and the sharp highlights The fusion of softness and softness forms a subtle sense of depth, intertwined into a seemingly tight network, but there are free passage gaps in it, and, between the inner depth of the plane and the outer bulge, the lines are scattered and aggregated Between the rigorous production and the poetic atmosphere, there emerges unprecedented intensity and poetry.

Junzhong Zhao ‘s work title “Hidden 7” size 200×180cm acrylic on canvas 2021

Junzhong Zhao”Change 37″ 150×100cm acrylic on canvas 2021

Art reporter interviewed Junzhong Zhao, a well-known contemporary artist, in an article about the artist’s perception of art and life. Let’s introduce the artist’s artistic path.

Junzhong Zhao Artistic Resume

Junzhong Zhao Professional artist, born in Qingzhou, Shandong in 1972;In 2010, he studied in the graduate class of the Basic Department of the School of Plastic Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing;In 2011, studied in the training class of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing;

International art associations: members of the American University Art Association, members of the American Oil Painting Society, members of the National Oil Painting and Acrylic Art Association, members of the Royal Society of Art, and members of the European Research Council.

International awards in recent years

In 2022, the “First Abstract Art Exhibition” International Art Grand Prix won the Painting Award Artist Space Gallery;

In 2022, “Dystopia Plan A – Paris Exhibition” won the Gold Award of the exhibition, Galerie Francis Barlier, Paris, France;

In 2022, the “First “Green” International Art Competition” won the Outstanding Art Award Art Room Gallery;

In 2022, “Spiel allein – London Contemporary Art Exhibition” won the best painting award in the exhibition, Gallery 46, London, UK;

2022 Bronze Medal at the 5th Annual All Abstracts 2022 International Juried Art Exhibition Camelback Gallery, Arizona, USA;

In 2022, “The Voice of Awakening – Paris Contemporary Art Review Exhibition” won the Best Painting Award, Galerie Francis Barlier, Paris, France;

International journals published in recent years:

In 2022, the paper “Art Popularization and Art Independence in the Process of Commercialization” will be published by Hill Publishing Group in the American Educational Review, 2022, 6(8), 320-450;

In 2022, the paper “Research on Art Symbolization and Art Self-discipline” will be published in the Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, 2022, 6 ( 3 ), 448-453 by the Hill Publishing Group of the United States;

In 2022, the paper “Research on the Aesthetic Construction of Contemporary Art” was published in the journal “Frontiers of Art Research” (2022) Vol. 4, No. 11 by Francis Academic Publishing House, UK;

Exhibition experience:

solo exhibition

2022: Quietly Surging Time – Junzhong Zhao Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Kutz Art Center

2021 “Emergence” Junzhong Zhao Solo Exhibition Beijing Common Art Center

2017 “Illusion—Junzhong Zhao Works Exhibition”, Shanghai Meibo Art Center

2016 “Junzhong Zhao Oil Painting Exhibition”, Shangshang Garden, Shanghai

2015 “Status – Junzhong Zhao Oil Painting Exhibition”, Art Museum of Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute

2014 “Status – Junzhong Zhao Oil Painting Exhibition”, Yellow River Art Museum, Dongying, Shandong

2014 “Status – Junzhong Zhao Oil Painting Exhibition”, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Joint Exhibition:

2022 Spiel allein – London Contemporary Art Exhibition London, UK Gallery 46

2022 Dystopia Plan A – Paris Exhibition Galerie Francis Barlier, Paris, France

2022 “London Contemporary 2022 – 4th Edition” art fair THE LINE Contemporary Art Space, London, UK

2022 Awakening Voice – Paris Contemporary Art Jury Exhibition, Galerie Francis Barlier, Paris, France

2022 LONDON OPEN ART London, UK The Holy Art Gallery

2022 Vogue 4th Edition Boomer Gallery, London, UK

2021 Boundaries? Contemporary Art Exhibition Shanghai Xinhua Center

2019 Foresight – Works Exhibition of Contemporary Famous Artists

2019 “Invisible and Unreal” Contemporary Art Exhibition

2018 “Encounters of Beauty” International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Yuhong Art Center

2018 Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up – Shandong Oil Painting Exhibition, Shandong Art Museum

In 2015, the 8th AAC art, ecology and observation tour exhibition in the United States

2014 The 8th AAC Art, Ecology, Observation Tour Exhibition Singapore Station

2014 “Multi-dimensional, Scattered Exploration in the Broken Era” – 2014 Young Artists Program

2014 “Transmutation” – Exhibition of Eight Works of the 17th Postgraduate Main Course Class of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts

2014 “Looking for the Blues” New Zealand Sketching Art Tour Exhibition”

In 2013, he graduated from the training class of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and participated in the “Phoenix China-Young Artists Program 2012-2013” painting exhibition in the same year

Junzhong Zhao’s work title “Hidden 46” size 100×100cm acrylic on canvas 2021

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