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CIGA Design Launched a Special Edition Watch With World Earth Day Organization

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CIGA Design Launched a Special Edition Watch With World Earth Day Organization

November 09
17:37 2022

On November 1, 2022, the “Series U Blue Planet × World EARTH DAY ORG” Environmental Protection Co-Branded Set launched by the CIGA Design brand will be officially released on the company’s website


Earth Day is an annual event on April 22. It is a special holiday to protect the world’s environment, aiming to raise Environmental issues awareness of the existing situation and mobilize people to participate in Environmental protection movement it to improve Low carbon life the whole earth by going green Environment. This is also the first time CIGA Design cooperates with the World EARTH DAY ORG. The brand is also launching this limited edition gift box to put environmental protection into action. It combines the watch and pendant with eco-friendly “design details.” The watch and the necklace are designed to match the “Blue Planet” theme by integrating natural elements such as land, mountains, and ocean. The design recreates the topology of the earth. It also vividly depicts people’s yearning for a perfect home in the hope that more people will engage in environmental protection so that ecological protection practices can continue and be sustained.

In today’s deteriorating environmental situation, actions on environmental protection can no longer be limited to verbal publicity. Instead, these actions should be used as a link in daily life, and the concept of environmental protection should seep into all corners of our lives. The Environmental Protection Co-Branded Set of CIGA Design brand and EARTH DAY ORG is a modest contribution to advocating the practice of environmental protection action and sustainable development.

This CIGA Design Series U · Blue Planet × EARTH DAY ORG Environmental Protection Co-Branded Set is inspired by the theme of World Earth Day in 2022, “Invest In Our Planet.” It hopes to awaken the public’s awareness of protecting the earth’s environment and everything in nature. Therefore, the brand also uses many eco-friendly materials in the watch’s design. The watch case uses recycled titanium environmentally friendly materials at a higher cost, aiming to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible and protect the blue home with its efforts. The watch’s surface is polished, showing a delicate and high-gloss texture. The customized pendant with the theme of protecting the blue planet presents the beauty of our world with some eco-friendly glue-dripping technology and steel material. It hopes to awaken people’s awareness of protecting the earth’s environment and everything in nature with the “design details” of environmental protection and to fulfill every responsibility for a better home.


Series U Blue Planet sets itself apart from other watches in design and appearance. Inspired by ancient maritime maps, the whole dial rebuilds the landform of the earth with micro carving technology. The dials, in the pattern of navigation marks, are skillfully integrated into the marine map, perfectly presenting the design inspiration of “no time pointer.” The anodizing process has corrosion and oxidation resistance, which can keep the color bright, and the surface smooth and new for a long time.

Series U Blue Planet’s watch movement technology is an incredible breakthrough: The movement is inspired by the sundial, the oldest timepiece created by the Chinese. Although the world of watches has undergone 800 years of technological evolution, the changes have been limited to the appearance and technology of watches. The rotation mode of the three hands of the traditional watch, hours, minutes, and seconds, has remained the same, the hour hand turns 30 degrees, and the minute hand turns 360 degrees to point to time. While Series U · Blue Planet simulates the earth’s rotation and creates a new asynchronous movement technology. It breaks away from the typical movement gear ratio by placing the static clock dial and the dynamic minute dial on one dial. This way, the hour hand rotates 30 degrees, and the minute hand rotates 390 degrees, allowing one pointer to simultaneously indicate the hour and minute. The innovative time pointer changes the conventional dial movement of the watch, bringing a new time-reading experience to people who wear it.

The design details of the watch reflect the dedication of the R&D team: the material of the watch cover is made from curved double sapphire glass, transparent and wear-resistant. Its hardness is second only to diamond. The micro-carving process in the whole dial makes the surface clear and more accurate when reading. The bottom of the watch case has the logo of the World Earth Day Organization engraved with eco-friendly screen printing technology, representing the limited edition nature of this watch and its unique environmental commemorative value.

In practice, the R&D team also considers the real needs of the wearer. The crown uses deep-grooved technology to allow even winding when debugging the watch, reducing the damage to the movement. The watch strap is made of fluorine rubber, which is flexible, breathable, and wear-resistant. The watch strap printed with the Earth Day logo and the 2022 Earth Day theme “Invest In Our Planet” represents its limited and unique value. The entire watch body is 3 ATM waterproof, which meets the waterproof requirements of daily life.

When sustainable development becomes a new fashion trend, you will find that the concept of environmental protection is in all corners of life. The CIGA Design brand expresses its pursuit of sustainability with its design. The brand is committed to the creative attitude and design concept of “fewer but better,” focusing more on the expression of humanistic connotation and design vision, and integrating the concept of environmental protection into life is the idea and value that the brand has been adhering to. CIGA Design will continue exploring more sustainable solutions and contributing to environmental protection.

On November 4, the brand will launch the CIGA Design Series U Blue Planet × World EARTH DAY ORG Environmental Protection Co-Branded Set on the official website


At the same time, the limited Lunar Exploration version watch is now on sale in offline stores in Hong Kong, limited to 19 pieces. On a first-come, first-served basis. The purchase addresses is as follows:

Address: Shop 103 Lab Tourbillon, Mani Shopping Centre, 67 Queen’s Road Central, Central

Address: Shop A, G/F, Yuhua Chinese Goods, No. 301-309 Nathan Road, Kowloon (on the left side of the main entrance)

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