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Chicopet Company’s dog cage and cat cage participated the 6th China Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition

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Chicopet Company’s dog cage and cat cage participated the 6th China Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition

November 09
17:29 2022

The 6th China Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition with the theme of “Pet Crates Blooming Gorgeous” officially opened on Dec. 5th, 2022. Chicopet Company was invited to participate in this exhibition and displayed a number of dog crate and cat cage

During the three-day exhibition, Chicopet was favored by potential dealers from many countries all over the world.

People hear many different voices about the situation of dogs living in crate. Some people think it is cruel to live in a crate because it restricts the dog’s freedom. In fact, dog crate plays a key role and it will always useful at critical moments.

1. Easy to clean

When users have a dog at home, they have to do regular cleaning because it will soon become very dirty. If users are doing housework, the dog will follow them around and it will rub around on the floor that is not dry. The dog crate can come in handy at this time. User can put the dog in the crate while doing chores, which will be a lot easier.

When the owner is out of the house, some dogs can become agitated and noisy. If the dogs are accustomed to being kept in a crate since childhood, that is the best way. Crates can help them learn to be independent, and behave themselves.

2. Correcting bad habits

Dogs are naturally very curious, so they will be naughty and mischievous at ordinary times. It is also very common to make mistakes. When the dogs make mistakes, users can put the dog in the crate, which can serve as a warning to the dog, so that it knows their mistakes. However, the time spent in the crate should not be too long, and users should pay attention to the proportions. Otherwise it will easily affect the dog’s psychology. Usually, it is advisable to give dogs some obedience trainings, when necessary, users can induce them with treats.

3. Reducing behaviors such as demolition

The dog’s behavior of demolishing the house maybe as the dog is usually too bored. It is used to vent his energy and to pass the time. In this case, the owner properly shut the dog in the crate and can really reduce the dog’s house demolishing behavior, but after all, owners are advised to take their dogs out to play.

Whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, a dog crate must be prepared. When the dog wants to destroy, the dog crate can prevent accidents. Keeping puppies in a crate can stop their habit of destroying household items and furniture when the owner is away.

In addition to avoiding hassle, a dog crate can also provide a safe and home-like space for the dog and separates dogs from guests when necessary. When the owner is not at home, the dog crate can prevent accidental ingestion of dangerous goods and endanger life.

Not everyone needs the same dog crate, and dogs with obvious separation anxiety or super destructive power need a stronger crate. A dog with a high IQ and a previous record of prison escape needs a crate with a particularly clever door lock that the dog cannot easily open.

If users want a sturdy dog crate to keep the dog safe, and maybe more dogs will join in the future, this is the one.


Nano-spraying pet crate has the following advantages:

·Unique design with good thickness premium grade metal raw materials and excellent welding process to ensure the strong structure.

·High quality spray painting technology for long lasting color and durability.

·Double locking door design for better security.

·Higher base design for easy cleaning

·Individual packing

It can also be smoothly folded into a “suitcase” when traveling, and the clasps keep it more secure when carrying it, and can be reattached smoothly. The chassis can be pulled out from the side with a locking mechanism, so it is difficult for dogs to push it away. The composite polypropylene material is strong enough and tough enough to be damaged and easy to clean.

This dog crate is available in 5 sizes, 18”,24”,30”,36”,42”, suitable for nibbling and naughty dogs, such as Shiba Inu, Pony Inu, and Labrador.

Users must know very well that owning cats is not an easy task, it can be a big project. People prepare all kinds of cat supplies for cats: cat food, cat litter, cat litter box, cat scratching board, cat comb, cat carrying case, cat nutrition cream… But there is one thing that is often overlooked by us, that is, the cat cage.

Some cat owners feel that cats yearn for freedom and should not be kept in cage. However, in fact, the multi-layer cat cage really has a lot of practical functions that will certainly be useful at critical moments, and it also has certain benefits for cats.

1. It is more convenient to do housework

Cats are naturally full of curiosity. When users are cleaning, they always like to make trouble, chase the broom, and rub on the floor that is wet. The most annoying thing is to hold it when mopping the floor.

2. Cats can be quarantined  (cats are discordant or sick)

Cats often need to be quarantined, especially when it is sick. In order to prevent the spread of germs, it is better to keep the cat in the crate.

Chicopet cat cage are solid in workmanship and exquisite in materials, and the four wheels at the bottom are easy to push! The size is quite suitable, a cat over a year old in it can be free and comfortable. Large space, and it is easy to put the fully enclosed toilet in it. Firmly placed and well-designed. The installation is very convenient, can be placed as needed. It can be folded, does not take up space. The tray is easy to pull and wash, light and easy to use, the skeleton is strong, easy to store.

Established in 2004, CHICOPET company, the main products are various types of steel wire crates and square tube crates, novel in shape, fine workmanship, and sophisticated materials. The products are divided into stainless steel and spray type. The luxurious and generous products sell well all over the world. CHICOPET’s purpose is to survive by quality, develop by reputation, make friends with customers and serve customers.

All CHICOPET employees take confidence and customer value as their beliefs. Their goal is to strive to create value for customers, make products cost-effective, provide customers with professional advice and provide effective services. They hope to gain the trust and acknowledgment.

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